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April 03, 2024

Verona Real Estate Group the latest to agree a significant partnership with USA Archery

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Upon the shoulders of yesterday’s announcement of DataCore Fund Services joining USA Archery’s partner family, Verona Real Estate Group has also joined in a multi-year deal worth six figures that will help the continued growth of the sport at every level.

Verona Real Estate Group is a longstanding leader in the development and construction management of residential and mixed-use communities, including unique projects like retirement communities across Ontario, Canada.

Asif Khan is the CEO of the Verona Real Estate Group, and brings a strong passion for archery with a focus on progress, performance, and precision. 

Mr. Khan said, “What excites me the most about our partnership with USA Archery is the remarkable opportunity it presents for mutual growth and impact. This collaboration goes beyond a mere alliance; it's a reflection of our shared commitment to excellence, discipline, and the nurturing of talent.

“Archery, with its unique blend of precision, focus, and strength, resonates deeply with our corporate ethos at Verona Real Estate Group.”

Mr. Khan’s career has spanned over 25 years in real estate, asset management and capital markets in Canada, and is rooted in a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth.

“Verona Real Estate Group is dedicated to developing properties that not only meet but exceed expectations,” Mr. Khan added. “Our range of expertise includes groundbreaking residential projects and vibrant mixed-use developments, all designed with a focus on sustainability, community, and improving quality of life.

“Looking ahead, we are excited about our plans to expand our portfolio beyond Canada, aiming to build communities in the United States that reflect our standards of excellence and innovation. This international expansion reflects our strong foundation in real estate asset management and international capital markets, highlighting our commitment to driving growth and making a meaningful impact in the communities we develop.”

Mr. Zaigham Shah is Chief Operating Officer of Verona Real Estate Group. He commented, “I'm incredibly excited about our partnership with USA Archery. This collaboration underscores our commitment to not only achieving excellence but also to fostering community engagement and development.

“It's about much more than a partnership; it's a strategic alignment that reflects our dedication to enhancing the lives of those in our communities through support of sporting excellence. I eagerly anticipate the mutual growth and positive community impact this collaboration will foster."

This partnership will build tremendously upon support to USA Archery’s High Performance Programs, National Events and strategic growth initiatives.

“We are so grateful for this partnership,” said USA Archery CEO Rod Menzer. “Reflecting our shared community and family values, Verona Real Estate Group also shares our love of archery and our goals to develop the archery community and the athletes within it at all levels.

“This is a recognition of the great work being done at USA Archery to be the welcoming, accessible and inclusive sport for everyone, while also identifying talent and offering pathways to success.

“With the support of Verona Real Estate Group, USA Archery will continue to strive for excellence in all areas.”

Mr. Khan’s daughter, Audrey Khan Arévalo, is a rising archery talent who had several podium finishes in USA Archery national events last season.

“On a personal level, this partnership holds significant meaning,” Mr. Khan added. “My family, particularly my daughter, has been intimately involved in archery, experiencing firsthand the transformative impact of the sport.

“Her journey through the ranks of competitive archery, has shown us the true value of dedication, discipline, and perseverance.

“Therefore, our collaboration with USA Archery is not merely a partnership but a deliberate alignment with an organization that stands as a beacon of excellence in the sporting world.

“Through this partnership, we aim to support and contribute to a sport that has not only enriched our lives but also embodies the pinnacle of achievement through its world-class coaches, programs, and commitment to excellence.

“USA Archery is the embodiment of these ideals, making them the ideal partner for us as we seek to inspire excellence, support the ideation to realization of dreams, and create a lasting, positive impact.”

About Verona Real Estate Group

Verona Real Estate Group has a rich history in the real estate industry. At Verona, our mission is to craft remarkable properties that transcend expectations, enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities alike. We strive to create thriving environments that foster connection, well-being, and a sense of belonging. Through our projects, we aim to leave a lasting positive impact on the people we serve.

Verona Real Estate Group has a rich history as a distinguished leader in the real estate development and construction management industry, Verona’s strategic focus is on the acquisition, development, and construction of residential communities, both large and small, alongside commercial and industrial properties.

With its headquarters in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, Verona is on a mission to broaden its horizon by expanding into the United States market. As an organization that places immense value on diversity and inclusivity, Verona Real Estate Group is committed to being an inclusive employer, strictly adhering to all inclusion protocols. This commitment ensures a welcoming and equitable workplace for all employees, further enhancing the company's innovative approach to developing and building communities that thrive.

About USA Archery

USA Archery is the National Governing Body for the sport of archery, responsible for selecting and training men’s and women’s teams to represent the U.S. in the Olympic, Paralympic, and Pan American Games. We are committed to providing equal sports and recreation opportunities to every person. Archery is a sport that is open to everyone; it is inclusive of all ages, genders, and abilities.

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