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State Associations are the official, recognized entities established in a state to carry out the programs of USA Archery to include the organization of indoor and outdoor state championship events. State Associations are required to be non-profit organizations and agree to be subject to, be bound by, and to observe all applicable rules, policies and procedures of USA Archery.

Current members of USA Archery are automatically members of their respective state’s state association. Note: Some state associations require a small membership fee to be an official member of the organization.

State Associations help to oversee target archery in their home states by assisting in the growth of archery programs, hosting tournaments, and providing resources for USA Archery members throughout their state.

At this time, USA Archery is not accepting new state association applications.

If your state does not have a State Association, contact at [email protected] for information on hosting a State Championship Tournament.

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State Contact List
State Contact Name Email Phone Website
Alaska David Stoddard [email protected] (907) 344-2697 Volunteer State Coordinator
Arizona Richard Bachman [email protected] 480-459-9790
Arkansas Travis Linville [email protected] 501-413-0216 Volunteer State Coordinator
California Steven Greenwood [email protected] 209-679-6802
Colorado* Kevin Lewis [email protected] 303-522-3183  
Connecticut Crystal Gauvin [email protected] 860-779-3615  
Delaware Carol Protack [email protected] (302) 737-9476 Volunteer State Coordinator
Florida Timothy Austin [email protected] 352-332-1969
Georgia Rhonda Ryals [email protected]  770-639-1732
Hawaii Jenny Dutton [email protected] (808) 383-0512 Volunteer State Coordinator
Idaho Adam Goddard [email protected] (208) 220-2536 Volunteer State Coordinator
Illinois Dave Schaefer [email protected] 630-803-0402
Indiana Jim Shackelford [email protected] (505) 215-4504  
Iowa* Tom Goldsmith [email protected]

(563) 875-7525

Kansas Matthew Duprey Jr. [email protected]

(913) 302-8714

Volunteer State Coordinator
Kentucky Mel Wright [email protected]

(859) 282-6333

Maryland* Donovan Cullings  [email protected]  443-768-8502   
Massachusetts Amanda Ferrie-Arberman [email protected] (774) 272-1412
Michigan Kim Fracalossi [email protected] 734-516-8354  
Minnesota Linda Cockrell [email protected] 651-486-3888
Mississippi Renee Roberts [email protected] 228-424-0519 Volunteer State Coordinator

Janis Grellner

[email protected]

Nebraska * Michael Welsh  [email protected]  402-419-1284   
Nevada * Lystra Pitts  [email protected] 775-971-8222   
New Hampshire* Frank Schackart [email protected] 603-552-5889  
New Jersey John Nyberg [email protected] 201-926-1322  
New Mexico Robert Romero [email protected] 505-414-9258 
New York Ronald Bergum [email protected]  518-872-2138
North Carolina* George "Guy" Hutcherson [email protected] 336-306-3512  
North Dakota Penny Hetleved [email protected] (701) 226-1363 Volunteer State Coordinator
Ohio Chris Worthen [email protected] 614-519-3994
Oklahoma Thomas Stevenson Jr. [email protected] 405-808-0533
Oregon* Michael Hearn [email protected] (541) 895-5842  
Pennsylvania Cindy Bevilacqua [email protected] 610-496-6719
South Carolina Teresa Deliz [email protected] (803) 807-8740 Volunteer State Coordinator
South Dakota     (605) 689-0488
Tennessee* Theresa Greer [email protected] 615-566-5187  
Texas Michael Hojnacki     [email protected] 512-496-6835
Utah Randi Smith [email protected] 801-259-9225  
Virginia* Marcy Reese [email protected] 804-640-6606  
Washington Karin Cook [email protected] (206) 295-3055
West Virginia Jonathan Clemins [email protected] 304-640-3548 Volunteer State Coordinator
Wisconsin* H. Scott Cleland [email protected] (262) 942-1966  

*Indicates state has a USA Archery State Coordinator in lieu of a State Association



Event Sanctions and Event Insurance

State Associations may apply to sanction USA Archery events. Approved event sanctions will also include liability event insurance.

Logo Permissions

Current state associations have access to USA Archery logos and banner artwork for approved usages. Contact [email protected] for artwork files.

Rebate Program

State Associations are eligible for USA Archery member and club rebates.


For more information about USA Archery memberships please contact [email protected] or call (719) 866-4576.

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