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Athlete Stipends and Support Programs

Athlete Stipends are generally granted to athletes with proven success in Olympic or Paralympic Games, World Championships, Para World Championships or who have potential to medal in these events. Athlete Stipends will only be provided to athletes who are currently training and competing.


Athlete Ombuds

The Office of the Athlete Ombuds offers independent, confidential advice to elite athletes regarding their rights and responsibilities in the Olympic and Paralympic Movement, and assists athletes with a broad range of questions, disputes, complaints and concerns.

Phone 719-866-5000
Email [email protected]

Athlete Ombuds Confidentiality and Privacy Policy:

  1. The Athlete Ombuds maintains as confidential any information communicated or provided in confidence in any matter involving the exercise of their official duties.
  2. The Athlete Ombuds will not testify or produce evidence in any judicial or administrative proceeding with respect to any matter involving the exercise of their official duties.
  3. The Athlete Ombuds treats all work product, memoranda, notes or case files as confidential. Such information is not subject to discovery, subpoena, or other means of legal  compulsion, and is not admissible as evidence in a judicial or administrative proceeding. 
  4. The Athlete Ombuds maintains and prepares data and/or reports in a manner that protects confidentiality and privacy. 
  5. These confidentiality and privacy provisions shall not apply to:
    1. Information necessary to communicate, mediate or resolve a concern or dispute, with the permission of the athletes involved;
    2. Applicable reporting requirements under federal law and/or the policies of the U.S. Center for SafeSport;
    3. A felony personally witnessed;
    4. A situation in which an individual is at imminent risk of serious harm;
    5. A congressional subpoena;
    6. The general operation and processes of the Athlete Ombuds; and/or
    7. Responding to an official investigation or allegation concerning the conduct of the Athlete Ombuds in exercising its official duties.

Retaliation is Prohibited:

Retaliation includes threatening, intimidating, harassing, coercing or any other conduct that would discourage a reasonable person from engaging with the Athlete Ombuds. Retaliation against anyone is prohibited and may be present even where there is a finding that no violation occurred. Retaliation can be reported as described above in the same way as any other policy violation and may lead to serious consequences including termination of employment or participation for anyone involved in retaliation.  


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