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The USA Archery High Performance Ethos defines the culture that USA Archery wants to represent through our behaviors. We strive for these behaviors and values in our athletes, our coaches, our staff, our programs, our teams. Ultimately, we believe that living out these behaviors and values will make us more successful as an organization and in return develop more successful individuals. We kindly invite all USA Archery members to join us in participating in the values and behaviors at our clubs, events, and programs.

In April of 2018, USA Archery staff, board members, athletes and coaches came together to collaborate and set the stage for an evolution in the culture and image of USA Archery. The purpose of the collaboration was to put into practice and define the actions and intentions that would be congruent with USA Archery's values. Ultimately, we want to be an organization that members are proud to belong to while achieving our goal to become the best archery nation in the world. The High Performance Ethos defines those specific behaviors that we want to exemplify throughout all levels of the organization.

The USA Archery Ethos


We, the USA Archery members, coaches and staff, will engage in honest, timely and transparent two-way communication.

We will participate in an open dialogue that is appropriate and respectful in all settings and levels of the organization without fear of reprisal. All communication will be delivered in a professional, precise, and timely manner and avoid engaging in rumors or hearsay. This applies to the following: social media, email, phone and in-person communications.

Respect, Integrity and Humility

Our aspiration is to leave behind a legacy through our respect, integrity, and humility.

As members of USA Archery, we will act in accordance with the USA Archery and United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee code of ethics. Our intent is to have a reputation of integrity throughout the world by honoring our uniform, our flag and what they stand for. We respect our team by being on time and focusing on the task at hand. In addition, we show respect on the field of play by valuing all competitors and leaving the venue in better shape than it was found each day. We respect our peers by speaking and listening to others as equals and acknowledging all opinions, individuality and differences. Furthermore, recognition and appreciation is given to all who work behind the scenes and support our everyday operations. Our behavior will be professional and humble when working with others.

Trust and Standards of Excellence

We, the USA Archery members, develop solid relationships with our teams while striving to bring the best out of ourselves and others.

We build trust in our teams, coaches, athletes and staff through respectful high-candor constructive dialogue. We will own our actions by acknowledging when we fall short of our standards or make mistakes. It is understood that as members of USA Archery, all members will be held to the same set of standards and consequences for behavior that violates our code of conduct regardless of rank, title or position. Additionally, we hold ourselves accountable by doing what is right even when no one is looking.

Duty, Legacy and Team Player

We, the USA Archery members accept that it is our duty to provide leadership, be a team player and leave the sport in a better place.

By acting as leaders and team players on and off the field, we enforce respect, unity and sportsmanship. The behavior we strive for is professional, sincere and genuine. Our actions reflect our commitment to be role models for future generations. As a result, we will leave our sport in a better place by teaching others to be leaders, which in turn builds the legacy of the sport, team, country and uniform. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that puts the team above the individual.

Engagement and Support

We, the USA Archery members, make a serious commitment to be 100% present and “bring our best” to events and training.

We are prompt and prepared to perform successfully at events in all aspects of the sport including the technical, tactical, psychological and physical realms of archery. We take initiative and know the schedule of the event and training. On teams, we support each other and provide motivation. In return, the organization does its best to provide support for athletes and coaches.

Priorities and Follow Through

Our overarching priority, as USA Archery members, is to be the best country in the world in the sport of archery because we believe we can be the best.

We constantly re-evaluate our objectives, purpose and goals. We define and communicate our action plans and follow through on our deliverables to stay the course. We are committed to putting our words into actions.


We define our success in our performance on the field of play and in how well we fulfill our Ethos.

We are determined to continually improve ourselves as individuals and as a team. We will continue to progress towards a better future and not become complacent with the way things are by challenging the status quo and taking actions based on this Ethos. Our wins and losses are measured as a team.

For more information about our High Performance Ethos, check out our Athlete Development Model (coming soon).

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