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Membership to USA Archery has many privileges, all of which are outlined below. USA Archery is grateful for the support our members provide to the sport of archery. Your dues help the sport at all levels from grassroots to developmental programs and the Olympic, Paralympic and U.S. Archery Teams. 

Membership Options

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All-Access Membership

Starting at

$45Per Year

All-Access memberships will enable you to compete in all USA Archery events, club and developmental programs and also includes a subscription to our newsletter, insurance and access to exclusive promotions and much, much more.

Benefits Include:

Recreational Membership

$15Per Year

The Recreational Membership is designed for an archer who wants to participate in USA Archery club activities, but may be new to the program and not yet ready to participate in the Achievement Award Program or compete at an event.

Benefits Include:

NFAA Youth Membership

$15Per Year

The NFAA Youth membership is for youth archers who would like to participate in the JOAD or Adult Achievement Award Program or register for sanctioned events and also have a membership with the NFAA. The expiration date will be set to correspond with the expiration date of the NFAA membership.

Benefits Include:

Temporary Membership Options

Temporary Membership

$15Per Event

A temporary membership will permit you to compete in a single USA Archery local or state event if you are not a member of USA Archery or the NFAA.

Benefits Include:

NFAA Temporary Membership


An NFAA Temporary Membership is for use at a single sanctioned USA Archery event. NFAA members will be required to obtain a NFAA Temporary Membership for each sanctioned local, state, regional, or national event they are participating in.

Benefits Include:

Temporary Membership for Foreign Nationals

$15Per Event

Foreign athletes are required to purchase a Temporary Membership to participate in any of our national-level events. This membership will permit you to compete in a single USA Archery National Event if you are not a U.S. Citizen and not a member of USA Archery.

Benefits Include:



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