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The United States Archery Team (USAT), established in 1982, consists of the top ranked male and female recurve, compound and barebow archers in the country. Top ranked archers in each division will be appointed to Master, Senior, Para, Junior or Cadet USAT.

Archers earn national ranking points at USAT Qualifier Series Events and at Indoor and Outdoor U.S. and JOAD National Target Championship events, as well as U.S. Field National Championships for barebow archers.

For archers with aspirations to represent the U.S. at the Olympic, Paralympic and World Championship levels, USAT ranking helps archers track and measure their skill set and progress in competition at the national level and motivates archers to grow and improve to attain their goals.

In addition, USAT archers earn highly coveted uniforms to represent the U.S. in state, local and national competitions. USAT archers may also be eligible for athlete support programs and services and sponsor benefits.

USAT Qualification Procedures

Find out how to Qualify for a United States Archery Team.



Note: Based on current USAT rankings, athletes are eligible to be placed on USAT for 2021 pending verification of membership and additional requirements including a signed athlete agreement, current Background Screen and SafeSport certification. USAT will not be finalized until these criteria are verified.


Recurve Women Compound Women Barebow Women
Casey Kaufhold   Paige Pearce   Melody Richards
Mackenzie Brown  Alexis Ruiz Amy Rayner-Cooley
Eliana Claps Samantha Taylor Tracy Ratliff
Catalina GNoriega    
 Erin Mickelberry    
Alexandria Zuleta-Visser    
Aileen Yu    
Molly Nugent    
Recurve Men Compound Men Barebow Men
Jack Williams Braden Gellenthien  Jason Lintner
Brady Ellison  Kris Schaff Marcus Cooley
Joonsuh Oh James Lutz Charles Colbert Post
Trenton Cowles  Reo Wilde  
Matt Requa Tate Morgan  
Josef Scarboro Angus Moss  
Seth Mcwherter Brad Rega  
Matt Nofel Brandon Wright  


Recurve Women Compound Women Barebow Women
Tatyana Muntyan Alanna Dunaway Jennifer Stoner
Melissa McAvoy Deanna Cronin Tracey Francis*
Lee Ford-Faherty Debra Ochs  
Kathleen Roberts Stevenson Jacquelyne Coleman  
Elizabeth Ginebaugh Catherine Belzner  
Recurve Men Compound Men Barebow Men 
Guy Gerig Keith Trail Rick Stonebraker
Ken Kronberg Jose Drapeau  
Larry Anderson Brian Cornin  
Stephen Vickers Paul Largent  
Thomas Stevenson Jr    


Recurve Women Compound Women Barebow Women
Isabella Frederick Kate Iodice Olivia Artz
Gabrielle Sasai Kinley Hetletved Laura Hughes
Valerie Wang Courtney Langley Elizabeth Litwin
Richelle Shim Laryn Dees   
Liberty Hofmaster Rachel Withers  
Recurve Men Compound Men Barebow Men
Carter Merchant Chancelor Stonecipher Nathanael Cartwright
Jordan Fong   Andrew Ford
Noah Cagle   Matthew Seidemann
Gabe Anderson    
Timothy Westphal    


Recurve Women Compound Women Barebow Women
Emma Kim Makenzie Weatherspoon Margaret Baus
Eunice Choi Makenna Proctor  Lauren Heinzelman
Brianna Laux Isabella Otter Charlotte Adams
Michelle Ahn Brielle Ochnich  
Alyssa Artz Rachel Smith   
Recurve Men Compound Men Barebow Men
Dohyeon Kim Cole Zeug   
William Lee Isaac Sullivan  
Andrew Yoo  Sawyer Sullivan  
Hanwul Lee  Ryan Gunderson   
Davis Beauvais Harrison Milne  


Recurve Open Women Compound Open Women
Emma Rose Ravish Martha Chavez
  Teresa Wallace
Recurve Open Men Compound Open Men
Michael Lukow Benjamin Thompson
Eric Bennett Lance Thornton
Timothy Palumbo Andre Shelby
Kevin Mather Andrew Pike
  Jeff Sena
  Keith Sekora
  Jeremy Velez
Compound W1 Women Compound W1 Men
Lisa Coryell  


The following athletes have been appointed to the 2020 United States Archery Team.

Senior - Women

Recurve Compound Barebow
Casey Kaufhold   Alexis Ruiz Claire Xie
Mackenzie Brown Paige Pearce   Melissa Tennant
Erin Mickelberry Linda Ochoa-Anderson Tracey Francis
Alexandria Zuleta-Visser Savannah Vanderwier  
Eliana Claps Lexi Keller  
Catalina GNoriega Sophia Strachan  
Amy Jung Jamie Van Natta  
Khatuna Lorig Cassidy Cox  

Senior - Men

Recurve Compound Barebow
Brady Ellison  Braden Gellenthien  John Demmer III
Jack Williams Matt Sullivan  Marcus Cooley
Thomas Stanwood Reo Wilde Jason Lintner
Trenton Cowles Kris Schaff Corbett Post
Zach Garrett James Lutz  
Matt Nofel Tate Morgan  
Matt Requa Shawnn Vincent  
Jacob Wukie Steve Anderson  

Para - Women

Recurve Open Compound Open Compound W1
Emma Rose Ravish Martha Chavez Lisa Coryell
  Teresa Wallace  

Para - Men

Recurve Open Compound Open Compound W1
Michael Lukow Benjamin Thompson Jason Tabansky
Eric Bennett Lance Thornton  
Timothy Palumbo Andre Shelby  
Kevin Mather Andrew Pike  
  Richard Burkett  
  Jeff Sena  
  Keith Sekora  
  Jeremy Velez  

Master - Women

Recurve Compound Barebow
Susan Bock Alanna Dunaway Ruth Delzell
Tatyana Muntyan Dee Starnes Barbara Hughes
Janis Grellner Debra Ochs Jenifer Stoner
Amy Clawson Brenda Bond Amy Pack
Marie Fein Marianna Finkel  

Master - Men

Recurve Compound Barebow
Scott Rissinger Scott Starnes Rick Stonebraker
Mike Gerard Tim Grapentien Ben Rogers
Thomas Stevenson Scott Wilson Richard Barker
Stephen Hilger Christian Stout  
Gary Yamaguchi Adam Carlise  

Junior - Women

Recurve Compound Barebow
Holland Linterman Anna Scarbrough  Olivia Artz
Yedyn Lee  Sachiko Keane  Laura Hughes 
Whitney Jensen  Danielle Woodie  Jessica Shuler 
Jennifer Kim Hannah Bartos   
Adelaide Koziol  Elisa Keller   

Junior - Men

Recurve Compound Barebow
Josef Scarboro Cooper French Nathanael Cartwright
Andrew Mantle Ethan Merrill Daniel Schell
Solomon Goldstein Carson Sapp Andrew Ford
Alex Gilliam Eli Hughes  
Devin Oblander Spencer Yee  

Cadet - Women

Recurve Compound Barebow
Brianna Laux Faith Miller Margaret Baus
Eunice H. Choi Makenna Proctor Lauren Heinzelman
Gabrielle Sasai Daisy Lente Charlotte Adams
Michelle Ahn Maya Reddy  
Isabella Frederick Raegan Bender  

cadet - Men

Recurve Compound
Joonsuh Oh Matthew Russell
Andrew Yoo Isaac Sullivan
Zachary Kim Nathaniel Wilken
Nathaniel Aud Sawyer Sullivan
Juhyuk Park Cole Zeug


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