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Club Handbook

USA Archery is pleased to offer this revised edition of the USA Archery Club Handbook. The Club Handbook is designed to help guide Junior Olympic Archery Development, Collegiate Archery Program, and Adult Archery Program club administrators and instructors to manage their Club programs and events.


Event Reference Guidebook

Our USA Archery Event Reference Guidebook has everything you need to know for your first USA Archery event, and is a great quick refresher if you've competed before.


Adaptive Archery Manual

The MOVE UNITED Adaptive Archery Manual, created in partnership with USA Archery, should serve as a supplement to the existing USA Archery Level 1 Archery Instructor Certification course so that instructors may safely teach archery to students of all ages and abilities. This manual is designed to show you how simple it is to integrate adaptive archers into your current archery program.


Additional club resources

Club and Range Development Resources

Additional club resources include:

Archery Safety Information

With archery participation rising in popularity among youths and adults, the question “How safe is archery?” becomes even more important when considering the sport. Archery is not only a sport for people of all ages, sizes and skill levels, it’s also one of the safest when, comparing its statistics to those of other mainstream sports.

Archery Safety Brochure

Archery Range Guides

Each guidebook includes tips, maps, photographs, case studies, helpful graphics, detailed how-to information, and potential layouts and suggestions for building ranges. They cover everything in the building process, including costs, safety features, access control, frequently asked questions, land and staff requirements, and much more.  
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Resource Guide for Obtaining Non-Profit Status

“The Business of Being an Archery Club” is written to help assist you with a few of the more common questions that you may face and your club starts and expands.

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