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USA Archery (USAA) is committed to maintaining cooperative work, training and sports environments in which there exists mutual respect for all athletes, coaches, judges and other officials, and for all USAA directors, officers, employees and volunteers. USAA is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its athletes and participants involved in sport, free of misconduct. To this end, USA Archery utilizes a standardized approach to background screening through NCSI. The cost is the responsibility of the individual.

Process your Background Screening Request Background Screening Criteria

At a minimum of every two years the following individuals must undergo background screening:

USAA employees;

  • Individuals USAA (a) formally authorizes or appoints to (a) serve in a position of authority over, or (b) have frequent contact with athletes. This shall include, but not be limited to staff, volunteers, (1) coaches, instructors, judges, administrators, board members, trainers, medical personnel and local affiliated administrators/directors;
  • Assistants, or personal care assistants who are funded, have a contractual obligation with, or are credentialed by USAA, or otherwise have regular contact with USAA athletes;
  • All athletes and alternates, training partners, (2) and guides who are selected by USAA to participate in national or international teams or Delegation Events (3) (4);
  • All athletes and alternates, training partners, and guides that are selected by USAA to train at any Olympic & Paralympic Training Center or USOPC High Performance Training Center;
  • Individuals affiliated with the media who are authorized or credentialed by USAA to access a training site or attend a competition run by USAA if such individual has unsupervised one-on-one interactions with athletes;
  • Other individuals who have regular contact with athletes as determined by USAA, in its sole discretion and/or as required by USOPC.

(1) Volunteers who only have incidental and observable contact with athletes at events are exempt from this requirement.

(2) International training partners staying less than 14 days are exempt from this requirement.

(3) Delegation Event means international sporting events as designated by the USOPC, including, but not limited to the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, Parapan American, Youth Olympic Games.

(4) Individuals referenced in this subsection shall have 45 days after reaching the age of majority (18 years of age), to come into compliance with this background screening requirement.

For purposes of clarification, USAA is considered to “formally authorize or appoint” an individual in instances where USAA has control over the authorization or appointment process

All of the above persons will be collectively referred to as, the “Background Screening Pool”.

In USAA’s discretion it may bypass the Background Screening requirement for those people who are minors (i.e., under 18 years of age).

As to members of the Background Screening Pool and that are newly taking a role, the USAA requires the background screening prior to the commencement of the new role.

As to members of the Background Screening Pool attending a USAA conducted activity or Delegation Event, USAA requires background screening prior to the commencement of the activity or event.

USAA will also perform supplemental (off-year) background screens on the Background Screening Pool.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, USAA in its sole discretion may require a background screen for additional individuals involved with USAA.

USAA will track all Background Screening and perform periodic checks to ensure compliance with this policy.

It is the responsibility of each organizer, Club and State Association to monitor this policy with regard to its participants, volunteers and administrators, etc. A person may be disqualified and prohibited from working with USAA and/or participating in USAA sanctioned activities if there is a red light finding in his/her background screen. Notwithstanding the foregoing, due to the limitations of background screening, it is but one factor USAA will use in assessing the appropriateness of an individual’s level or access and/or involvement with USAA.

If you have a question regarding the Background Screening process, please contact [email protected].

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: To the extent a Covered Participants has regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors (i.e., those under the age of 18), they must abide by USAA’s Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (the “MAAPP”).

Secondary Background Screen Review Process: To request for a secondary background screen review please email [email protected] any time after receiving a “Red Light” notification.

Once submitted, background screens are not refundable.

If NCSI has any questions on any of the data submitted, they will contact the customer via email. If customers do not respond within 30 days to this email, the background screening will be cancelled, a refund will not be given, and the customer will be required to re-submit a new screening. 

USA Archery Background Check Policy FAQ USOPC Background Check Policy FAQ


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