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The Coach of the Year Awards are your chance to say thank you and recognize someone who helped you achieve your goal, learn something new, or become the person you want to be through archery.

USA Archery certified coaches can be nominated for any of the categories, listed below. The winner of each category, in addition to USA Archery recognition, will also be nominated for the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Coach of the Year Awards.

The categories for nomination are:

Developmental Coach

A developmental coach of the year nominee is coach of a youth club, school or junior-level coach, or a coach directly responsible for coaching athletes to the junior and/or elite level. This award is based on the accomplishments from October 1st through September 30th.

Volunteer Coach

A volunteer coach of the year nominee is a coach who does not receive payment in any form for their involvement in coaching. This award is based on the accomplishments of the coach from October 1st through September 30th.

"Doc" Counsilman Science Award

The "Doc" Counsilman Science award is for a coach that utilizes scientific techniques/equipment as an integral part of his/her coaching methods, or has created innovative ways to use sport science. This award is based on the accomplishments from October 1st through September 30th.

Previous COach of the year award Winners

Year National Coach 
1996 Lloyd Brown
1997 John Williams
1998 Nancy Myrick
1999 Sheri Rhodes
2000 Lloyd Brown
2001 Tom Parrish
2002 Frank Thomas
2003 Kevin Eldredge
2004 Alexander Kirillov
2005 Mark Penaz
2006 Dee Wilde
2007 Terry Wunderle
2009 Alexamder Kirillov
2010 Mel Nichols
2012 Mel Nichols
2013 Mike Usherenko
2014 Derek Davis
2016 Roxanne Reimann-Ryea
2017 Steve Yee Holly Stover
Year Developmental Coach 
1996 Cindy Bevilacqua  
1997 Glenn Harris  
1998 Robert Romero  
1999 Jackie Fiala  
2000 Helen Bolnick  
2001 Charlene McCullough  
2002 Randi Smith  
2003 Ron McCormick  
2004 Larry Skinner  
2005 Larry Sullivan  
2006 Linda Beck  
2008 Larry Anderson  
2009 Jiim Pruitte  
2010 Teresa (Iaconi) Johnson  
2011 Michael Wichser  
2012 Linda Beck  
2013 Jim White  
2014 George Ryals  
2015 Jeff Sanchez  
2016 Greg Semaan  
2017 Gabriel Querol
Gary Neal
Heather Pfeil
2018 Alexander Kirillov Linda Beck
2019 Eric Tollefson Melinda Hawley
2020 Laval Falks Linda Beck
2021 Brent Harmon Dr. Penny Veit-Hetletved
Year Volunteer Coach 
2004 Jim & Anita Krueger  
2005 Tim & Sandi Scronce  
2006 Tom Barker  
2008 Mike Wischer  
2009 Steve McKenna  
2010 Jim Coombe  
2012 Doug Krebs  
2013 Mechell Pruitte  
2014 Kathleen Roberts-Stevenson  
2015 Jerry Shuck  
2016 Jeff Fabry  
2017 Andy Pucket  
2018 Rob Cook Sylvia Wall
2019 Jason Pfister Liz Coombe
2020 James Gatton Melissa Tennant
2021 Chris Cheng Karin Bock
Year Counsilman Coaching Science Award
2013 Derek Davis
2016 Derek Davis
2021 William Bowman
Year Olympic Coach
2019 Kisik Lee


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