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What does the Adult Archery Program offer you?

The Adult Archery Program is a logical “next step” for adult archers pursuing this lifetime sport. Membership in USA Archery's Adult Archery Program provides unique benefits, including the opportunity to make new friends, obtain a great upper-body workout, and the chance to build self-confidence and learn team-building skills.

Whether your interest in archery is purely recreational, or if you want to pursue competition at the local, state, national or international level, USA Archery’s Adult Archery Program is designed to help you pursue all that archery has to offer.

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Ready to Start a new Chapter in your Life?

When you take up archery, you join an amazing community of friendly people looking to help each other succeed. USA Archery will be your biggest supporter as you begin this journey and will help provide a pathway to achieving your goals. Our certified instructors and coaches offer clear instruction in adult archery clubs across the nation.

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Set goals and measure progress to achieve your personal best

Through our system of rewarding excellence, archers have the opportunity to earn awards for their scores, which become progressively more challenging as the archer’s skill level increases. This program helps archers set goals and measure progress, whether pursuing the sport recreationally or at a competitive level.

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Learn the fundamental rules of archery competition without leaving your home range via USA Archery’s quarterly Virtual Tournament. If you choose to pursue competitive archery, USA Archery sanctions many local, state and regional tournaments and hosts a series of national events each year. Many archers are drawn to competition as a way to travel, make and see friends from around the nation, and challenge themselves to aim higher.

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Event Reference Guidebook

New to competitions? Our USA Archery Event Reference Guidebook has everything you need to know for your first USA Archery event, and is a great quick refresher if you've competed before.

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Adaptive Archery

Archery is a sport that has no limits: age, gender or ability. USA Archery coaches have access to adaptive coaching resources and can help archers overcome any challenge to entering the sport. Many adaptive archers have found therapeutic benefits, independence and self-confidence through pursuing the sport at either a recreational or competitive level.

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For more information and inquires, please contact our Membership Services Manager at [email protected] or call (719) 866-4621.

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