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Archery has no limits. People of all ages and abilities can do archery. 

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Archery is for anyone who wants to participate. Whether the goal is to get out and socialize, become active, or to make a U.S. Olympic, U.S. Paralympic or World Championship Team, archery is a sport that lends itself to any age, interest and ability. 

USA Archery Clubs provide an environment where participants of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the sport of archery recreationally, competitively or as a high performing athlete. USA Archery Clubs are perfect for all ages with programs designed for children as young as 8-years of age on up to adults.


I tried archery and I’m ready for more. What’s next?

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Yes. USA Archery is committed to providing a safe, healthy and fun learning environment for our students and athletes. All USA Archery club coaches are certified archery instructors. USA Archery’s Instructor Certification Program is the foundation for keeping archery a safe sport. All instructor are trained to set-up and operate an archery range safely while at the same time teaching students how to shoot archery responsibly. Archery has one of the lowest injury rates with a 0.57 injury rate per 1,000 participates, ranking safer than golf, tennis and fishing. In addition to safety on the range, all coaches and club administrators are required to have a USA Archery Background Screening and current U.S. Center for SafeSport training. USA Archery’s Code of Conduct and Minor Athlete Abuse and Prevention Policy (MAAPP) spells out expectations for adults in coaching and leadership positions. On and off the field of play, USA Archery is committed to providing training, educational materials and resources for our athletes, coaches, clubs, and parents. 

SafeSport Archery Safety

No, you do not! Archery is a sport that is accessible to anyone, regardless of age, gender or physical ability and you’ll pick it up really quickly with the help of a certified archery instructor or club.

Anyone can try archery. Archery is a sport that is accessible to anyone, regardless of age, gender or physical ability. 

Adaptive Archery

No, most participating clubs will have equipment for you to use your first time. 

No, you do not need to be a member to try archery at a USA Archery club.

Join a USA Archery Club program to keep learning and to become part of a team. Choose from Explore Archery, JOAD, Adult Archery, and Collegiate. See Programs above for more information. 

All ages can try archery in an Explore Archery program. The Adult Archery Program is for adult archers pursuing a new recreational sport or for those interested in pursuing competition at the local, state, national or international level. This program offers a great workout and an opportunity to meet new people and become a part of the team. 

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