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Resources include information about age classes, the USA Archery Dress Code, the World Archery Rulebook and information about camo interpretation.

Basic Compound Definition

A bow where the draw is mechanically varied by a system of pulleys or cams with no draw stop. Maximum draw weight will be 20lbs. No sight, stabilizer, peep or kisser button, and shot only with fingers (glove, tab or bare fingers) are allowed. An arrow rest will be permitted.

By definition, a Basic Compound is a compound bow and will be combined with other compound bow categories unless there is a specific Basic Compound category offered in registration.

USA Archery Event Reference Guidebook

Our USA Archery Event Reference Guidebook has everything you need to know for your first USA Archery event, and is a great quick refresher if you've competed before.

USA Archery Event Reference Guidebook

Flight Archery Rules


Traditional Archery Rules

Traditional Equipment Rules (this link will take you to a traditional archery website that is not maintained by USA Archery).

Crossbow Rules


State Championship Eligibility

Participants must be a resident of the state in which the event is held to be eligible to earn state championship titles and a state ranking.  Guest divisions will be permitted at the Local Organizing Committee's discretion. For JOAD State Championships, archers must be a member of a USA Archery JOAD/Both or Collegiate USA Archery Club. The club is not required to be located in the state where the event takes place.

Age CLASS Calculator

The following divisions are through the calendar year of your birthday.

Birth Year  The year you were born

Current Year  Change the year to see when you change divisions.

You will be ? years old in the selected calendar year.

Therefore your division is ? through the year of ?.

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