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1. Organize Your Club

Choose a Club Name - Clubs are often named for the range where they meet, a nearby community based attraction, or the name of a town or county. To avoid name duplications, please refer to the USA Archery club locator.

Club Logistics - Topics to consider include class schedule and fees. The number of instructors and size of the facility will most likely determine how many archers your program can accommodate.

2. Identify a Coach to Lead Your Club

USA Archery requires all clubs to designate, at minimum, one current USA Archery Level 2 or higher Certified Instructor or Coach to lead the club (USA Archery membership required). The club coach may also serve as the club administrator. If you cannot find a certified instructor in your area, visit the USA Archery certification course schedule to find a course near you.

3. Select an Archery Range

Select a facility where the club can meet and practice. The facility you select should be large enough to accommodate the number of anticipated club members, and achievement award and competition distances. Basic archery ranges can be safely set up in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. If you do not have access to a permanent range, consider converting an existing recreational space into a temporary archery range. Visit the club resources page for more information on archery range development.

4. Equipment

USA Archery sells beginner archery equipment kits that can accommodate archers of all sizes. Clubs will need to provide equipment for use or rental by club members. Visit the USA Archery shop for equipment options. For advanced equipment options, visit your local archery retailer.

5. Marketing and Promotion

To grow club membership leaders should have a plan for marketing and promotion. Recommended strategies include:

  • Developing a club logo
  • Social media promotion
  • Develop a club website
  • Partner with local schools and parks and recreation departments and other youth serving organizations

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