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6 Series, 18 Sessions, 25 Speakers, with proven and actionable Coaching and Training Techniques to improve your knowledge, skills, performance and abilities!

World renowned subject matter experts, coaches, athletes and judges will bring you the foremost techniques that can be used today to help you become your best. USA Archery packed this year’s Virtual Symposium with vetted, specially curated series of sessions and seasoned, experienced speakers to tackle topics that have the biggest impact on your coaching, training, team building strategies and performance on the field. You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity.

Shooting Performance  |  AUGUST 1

Preparing Athletes for Trials Events
Guy Krueger with KiSik Lee and Chris Webster
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

Drills and Methods to Improve Shot Execution and Work your Way Out of Target Panic
George Ryals IV
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

Performance Under Pressure
Brady Ellison
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET


Coaching Cues and the Language of Coaching
Nick Winkelman
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

Becoming a Better Leader
Cam Kiosoglous
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

Running Club Events and Tournaments
Brad Fiala with Bob Ryder
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET


Lessons in Success
Justin Huish, Rod White and Butch Johnson
7:00 pm – 8:15 pm ET

Improving Adaptability to Improve Performance
Matt Stutzman
8:15 pm – 9:15 pm ET

Taking Barebow Archers to the Next Level
Frank McDonough and John Demmer III
9:15pm - 10:15pm ET

Leadership and Communications  |  SEPTEMBER 19

Navigating Conflict
People Academy
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

Training Session Design for Improved Learning
Kyle Bissell and Lynn Oberbillig
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

Push-Pull Coaching Styles
Sarah McQuade
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET


Compound Tuning
Evan Williams, Hoyt
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm ET

Recurve & Compound Tuning
Doug Denton & Hoyt
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm ET

Rules Archers and Coaches Need to Know
Andy Neville and Kristy Wapniarski
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm ET


Developing Mental Toughness
Emilie Lazenby
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm ET

Taking an Archer from Beginner to National Competitiveness
Tom Hinojosa
8:10 pm – 9:00 pm ET

Questioning Misconceptions in Coaching and Learning
Nadine Dubina
9:15 pm – 10:30 pm ET

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2020 Virtual Symposium Speakers

Coach Kyle has 26 years of experience studying and teaching people of all ages to move their bodies in fun, efficient, and performance-oriented ways. He's worked in Physical Education, Adventure Education, holds a M.Ed., was listed in Skiing Magazine (1997) as one of the 75 best U.S. youth ski instructors. He competitively races ultra-marathons and triathlons to give him perspective on life, inner strength, and archery. Level 4-NTS Coach Kyle founded Amherst Archery Academy in 2011 and coaches archery full time. Kyle is passionate about working with athletes to discover pathways to new levels of performance.


John Demmer III is the co-host of The Barebow Project and multi time USA Field world team member, and USAT Team member. Demmer has also been a multi time U.S. Open, Indoor Nationals, Vegas and Lancaster Classic Champion. Most recently Demmer has broken his own World Record for the Men’s 50m round and holds multiple NFAA and USA Archery National records.


Douglas Denton is the Recurve Brand Manager for Hoyt. He is a highly skilled and motivated engineer, driven to improve all aspects of the Olympic Recurve products.  He works closely with Hoyts Manufacturing teams to produce the highest quality products possible. Douglas has been designing recurve bows for Hoyt since 2008 and has made several innovations in the design, production, and manufacturing of recurve bows. Since 2008, he has had 5 USPTO patents for innovative archery design. Douglas has also been competing in archery for 28 years.


Nadine Dubina is the Manager of Coach Development for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. Nadine blends her passion for coaching with an experiential learning facilitation style to create coach development workshops, courses, and presentations that are unique, practical and purposeful. Nadine collaborated on creating the 6 guiding principles of the USOPC’s Quality Coaching Framework and uses this as the basis for all of her coaching work. Nadine earned a B.S. in Athletic Coaching Education from West Virginia University, an M.A. in Sport Psychology from California State University, Fresno and is currently pursuing her Ed.D in Coaching and Teaching Studies at West Virginia University. She was a competitive gymnast and has coached and judged gymnastics at various levels over the past decade.


Brady Ellison is one of the world’s most successful recurve archers as the reigning World Champion, World No. 1, multiple world record holder and 3x Olympic medalist. Brady travels extensively competing and representing the USA at World caliber events year-round. He started in archery with a compound bow and competed on the world stage before switching to recurve in 2006 to chase his Olympic dreams. In addition to a successful competitive career, Brady also plays an active role in archery product development and equipment design, working hand-in-hand with archery manufacturers, coaches and industry leaders.


Phil has vast experience as a master coach and behaviour change expert. He works with organizations to develop high performing teams, from board level through management, individuals and teams and in a wide variety of sectors, both commercial and public. His insightful, direct and incisive approach inspires leaders who often remark that his influence has had a profound effect on their leadership and coaching careers. His clear purpose is to help managers, leaders, coaches and athletes release the untapped potential within themselves and in their teams. With his pragmatic, hands-on coaching style, he works in partnership with leaders and teams to develop the characteristics of a high performing team and to instil the ‘success habits’ that drive exceptional results.


Brad Fiala has been involved in archery for over 30 years. Fiala began his career at USA Archery in 2017 as the Membership Services Manager and now serves as the Event Development Manager. Fiala has been a USA Archery Collegiate All-American, Jr. United States Archery Team member, and won numerous USA Archery Junior Olympic Archery Development National Championships in the Indoor and Outdoor divisions. Brad is a current Level 3-NTS Coach and Certified Judge. He has also served as the former Assistant Coach for the James Madison University Archery Team. 


Miles has earned a global reputation for helping organizations in the corporate world and in sports, to solve their people puzzles. Much of his time today is spent as a mentor and coach, helping teams improve performance through a greater understanding of communication. He is a popular speaker at conferences in the UK and USA, providing insights into communication at work and why we behave the way we do. He has worked in 35 countries and many diverse cultures. His focus is in helping organizations engage with their people and develop a greater understanding of why people need different things from their manager or coach. A key area of his expertise is how to negotiate ways through challenging situations effectively.

Coach Tom Hinojosa is founder, head instructor and director of operations for All American Archery, LLC. With over 40 years of experience, a degree in Human Biology/Analysis of Human Movement-sports physiology and athletic development from Stanford University, he has coached students to international teams, Top 10 National Rankings and has worked with international Olympic archers. A Level 4-NTS Coach for over 10 years, Tom has coached recurve, compound and longbow; he has been a volunteer archery coach for the annual Valor Games and was a coach for USA Archery’s Regional Elite Development Program in 2019. Tom has competed at the national level in archery, Shotokan Karate Kumite and Physical Fitness.


Justin Huish is the 1996 Atlanta Olympics double Olympic Gold Medalist in Archery and is a passed national team member and national champion. At the time Huish was a resident athlete in the newly opened Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. Huish recently picked up his bow and started competing again in 2019. Huish will share his insights and stories in winning double Olympic Gold Medals and his advice to archers on his observations of the sport.


Richard “Butch” Johnson, Jr. is a two-time Olympic team medalist and five-time U.S. Olympic Archery Team member. Butch earned his first Olympic team berth for the 1992 Olympic Games at the age of 36, and competed in five consecutive Olympic Games. Together with his teammates, he won an Olympic gold medal in Atlanta in 1996, and team bronze in Sydney in 2000. Johnson, a former compound competitor, has a prolific history as an archery competitor on both sides of the field, but is primarily known for his recurve success. Johnson has accumulated an incredible seven world records, 47 national championship titles, five international Grand Prix gold medals, is a four-time Pan American Games medalist, and has won numerous gold medals at national events, including the Arizona Cup, Gold Cup, and Texas Shootout.


Cam Kiosoglous is an Assistant Professor at Drexel University and a long time National Team and Olympic coach. He currently serves as the Coordinator of Sport Science at US Rowing and has worked with a variety of organizations in coaching development. His research interest includes long-term coach learning, reflective practices and professionalization of coaching.


Guy Krueger has been involved in archery for over 30 years as an archer, coach and coach educator. USA Archery’s Education and Training Manager and a Level 5-NTS Coach, Krueger has served as Assistant National Head Coach, Women’s Head Coach and High Performance Manager for USA Archery since 2008. As an athlete, he spent 5 years in the Resident Athlete Program, has medaled on the world stage and was a 7-time National Champion. Krueger earned his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Texas A&M University and is a graduate of the US Olympic Committee’s National Team Coaches Leadership Education Program.


Since 2005, Emilie has developed and delivered situation-specific skill acquisition frameworks for high performance sports, the US Army, US Air Force, industry-leading organizations, and universities. Her professional journey began as a Mental Skills Coach with Evert Tennis Academy and IMG Academy-Gatorade Sport Science Institute before transitioning into a Master Trainer/Program Developer role with the US Army Center for Enhanced Performance at West Point, US Army Master Resilience Trainer Course, and the US Air Force Comprehensive Airman Fitness program. In 2018, Emilie contracted with the USOPC to assist in the development and delivery of coach education programming and support high performance culture initiatives within winter sports. Emilie has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Rochester and a Masters degree in Biomechanics, specializing in Sport & Performance Psychology from Barry University. 


USA Archery National Head Coach KiSik Lee and creator of the National Training System has won 3 Olympic medals and countless medals on the World Cup and World Championship stage for Team USA since 2006. Originally from South Korea, where he was the Head Coach from 1981 to 1997, Korea won a combined total of eight gold medals at the 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996 Olympics. In 1997 he became the National Head Coach of Australia where he coached 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist Simon Fairweather and 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist Tim Cuddihy.


Frank McDonough, owner of Grass Hollow Archery and co-founder of the International Archery University and USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach, has trained youth and adult archers that have earned multiple national titles and national records in barebow, including the World Record for outdoor Cadet and Junior Female barebow. Most noticeably McDonough works with two of America's finest adult barebow shooters developing coaching content and recommendations with John Demmer III and Grayson Partlowe as part of the team that represents The Barebow Project.


Sarah McQuade has spent 20 years working as a performance coach development consultant. She led the technical development of the UK Coaching Certificate, a professional coaching qualifications framework. In 2005, she created e.t.c coaching consultants, an independent coaching consultancy practice that helped sports organizations build coaching systems and education and development programs. Based in the USA since 2013, Sarah has continued to work in performance coach development in sports, business and health and wellness. She is an active coach developer, a trainer of coach developers with the International Council of Coaching Excellence, and the Chair of Education with the US Center for Coaching Excellence.


Andy started judging nationally at the 2014 U.S. National Target Championships/U.S. Open and JOAD Championships. He is currently a USA Archery National Judge and   has served as a World Archery Americas Continental Judge since 2017. Andy has served as both a Chairperson of Judges, Judge and Director of Shooting at many USAT events and National Championships for both Indoor and Outdoor including both a Line and Target judge for the U.S. Indoor National Finals. Andy loves giving back to the sport in many different ways to include educational development of judges and has served on several different USA Archery Committees recently serving as Chairman of JOAD and is currently Chair of the Ethics Committee. Andy also serves on the Officials and Rules Advisory Council and has assisted in presenting several of the USA Archery Judge webinars being offered in 2020.


Lynn Oberbillig was named director of athletics at Smith in the spring of 1994. A graduate of the University of Iowa, she received an M.A. from Iowa in athletic administration and an M.B.A. from Nicholls State University. She coached softball and basketball at Division I Nicholls State for 10 years. Her softball teams were consistently ranked nationally in the top 20. In 2015, Lynn moved to full-time teaching as a lecturer in the exercise and sport studies department. Lynn is a USA Archery Level 3 coach, a master barebow archer, and a certified judge.


George Ryals IV (GRIV) is USA Archery’s Paralympic Head Coach. With decades as an archer and coach, GRIV also has extensive experience working in the archery industry including Martin Archery, Copper John and Stanislawski Archery Products. GRIV was also instrumental is creating in the hopes of helping archers around the world by putting information out for everyone to use. GRIV runs a pro-shop in Snellville, GA with a focus on target and recreational archery. He also oversees an impressive JOAD and elite athlete development program that has seen great international success in target and 3D archery.


Bob Ryder is a 2011 Recipient of the Maurice Thompson Medal of Honor, a 4-time National Collegiate Archery Coach of the Year, a L4-NTS Coach, College All-American and National Champion, US Archery Team Member, National Judge, Tournament Director for over 50 National Championships, past VP and member of the NAA Board of Governors and member of the James Madison University Athletic Hall of Fame.  Coached the JMU Archery Team produced 42 All-Americans, 16 National Champions, 23 National Team Titles and 14 World Champions.  He currently helps coach JMU Archery and writes on Coaching for Archery Focus Magazine.  His first book, Bob Ryder on Coaching Collegiate Archery came out in 2019.


Matt Stutzman is a professional archer and 2012 Paralympic Silver Medalist and 2019 World Bronze Medalist. Inexplicably, he was born without arms which has not stopped Matt from learning, adapting, and excelling in a number of areas throughout his life. In 2017, Matt won the U.S. National Target Championships in the Men’s Compound Division defeating all able-bodied compound archers in the U.S. in the process. Matt is also the Guinness World Record Holder for the longest accurate archery shot at 310 yards. Matt will share his expertise in adapting and overcoming difficult situations to improve performance.


Kristy Wapniarski is currently a National Judge for USA Archery and Continental Judge for World Archery of Americas. She has owned her own business providing administrative support & services for the past 14 years and has been a home educator for over a decade. Kristy is a big supporter of the local archery community. Kristy has served on the USA Archery Arizona Board of Directors for the past 4 years and as the Tournament Chair for the Arizona Cup (USAT). She has coordinated local tournaments and spent countless hours volunteering with local archery clubs and organizations. Kristy currently serves as the Representative for the Western region on the Officials and Rules Advisory Council and has assisted with several of the USA Archery Judge webinars being offered in 2020. Kristy is an Arizona native, married to her best friend, and mother of three daughters.


Chris Webster, the Assistant National Head Coach for USA Archery and previously worked in the Research and Development department for Hoyt Archery. Chris has over three decades of experience, including participation in the World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) as a U.S. Army Athlete and as a past member of USA Archery’s Resident Athlete Program. Webster is a Level 4-NTS Coach and has served as U.S. International Team Staff.


Rod White is a two time Olympic Medalist in Archery.  In 1996 at the age of 19, Rod was the youngest member of the Gold Medal Team at the Atlanta Olympics. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Rod qualified as the 4th overall seed and went on to win a team Bronze. After the 2000 Olympic Games, Rod shifted his focus to competing in compound archery. He is also a very accomplished bow hunter.


Nick Winkelman is the head of athletic performance & science for the Irish Rugby Football Union. He oversees the delivery and development of strength & conditioning and sports science across all national and provincial teams. Previously, Nick was the director of education and training systems for EXOS (formerly Athletes' Performance), and as a performance coach, Nick oversaw the speed and assessment component of the EXOS NFL Combine Development Program and supported many athletes across the NFL, MLB, NBA, National Sports Organizations, and Military. Nick completed his Ph.D. through Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions and is an internationally recognized speaker on human performance and coaching science with publications through the UKSCA, NSCA, IDEA Health and Fitness, Human Movement Science, and Routledge.



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