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April 20, 2023

USA Archery announces JOAD and Adult Achievement Award winners

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The sport of archery truly does offer something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or among the world's elite, it is a sport which welcomes all-comers. And this is no more highlighted than with USA Archery’s Achievement Award Program.

This program celebrates the accomplishments of archers of all ages and abilities as they progress in the sport. The JOAD Olympian and Adult Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards mark the highest of those achievements.

The early part of 2023 has seen hundreds of archers take part, with a number enjoying a clean sweep of awards. Among them is Eric Bennett from Arizona, who picked up Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the barebow division.

"I have my gold pins in recurve and compound already," Bennett said. "Although the barebow discipline was new to me, I have been shooting for a long time. I was hoping to achieve all the pins in one complete season. I wasn't sure I would make it at the end but I managed to continue improving every week."

There was similar success for 16-year-old Isabella Kim among the JOAD Olympian archers. She is now the proud owner of all three awards following great work in recurve.

Whether you are an athlete, parent or coach, earning the Olympian and Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are a great way to push your limits, test your resolve and motivate yourself to get back on the training field. Coaches and parents can earn these awards along with their students, allowing students to see adults go through the same struggles they do.

Bennett added, "I earned each pin during our officially scored league night each week. I had just enough league nights to complete the sweep. It was really fun and challenging to keep working at it every week, though I still have a lot to learn."

If you have the drive and determination to set yourself this goal, then you can bask in the sunshine of your success in earning JOAD Olympian and Adult Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.


Eric Bennett Gold Indoor Barebow
Matthew Reesman Gold Indoor Barebow
Kristina Pruccoli Gold Indoor Barebow
Alex de Vera Gold Indoor Barebow
Sara Gebhardt Gold Outdoor Barebow
Elliott Lee Gold Indoor Compound
Oscar Melendez Gold Indoor Compound
Mike King Gold Indoor Compound
Eric Bennett Silver Indoor Barebow
Jay Bennett Silver Indoor Barebow
Claude Chew Silver Indoor Barebow
Alex de Vera Silver Indoor Barebow
Michael Comperchio Silver Indoor Barebow
Sara Gebhardt Silver Outdoor Barebow
Elliott Lee Silver Indoor Compound
Brad Kleine Silver Indoor Compound
Peter Hell Silver Indoor Compound
Emmalyn Purcell Silver Indoor Compound
Mike King Silver Indoor Compound
Sara Mayotte Silver Indoor Compound
Rich Hardway Silver Indoor Fixed Pins
Andrew Querol Silver Indoor Recurve
Thomas Gazley Bronze Indoor Barebow
Megan Penner Bronze Indoor Barebow
Eric Bennett Bronze Indoor Barebow
Patrick Fisk Bronze Indoor Barebow
Johana Czako Bronze Indoor Barebow
Julianne Belsky Bronze Indoor Barebow
Hendo Lim Bronze Indoor Barebow
Karl Caulfield Bronze Indoor Barebow
Alex de Vera Bronze Indoor Barebow
Jason Rojas Bronze Indoor Barebow
David White Bronze Indoor Barebow
Henry Lemmon Bronze Indoor Barebow
Robin Parrish Bronze Indoor Barebow
Ed Salley Bronze Indoor Barebow
Eric Chamberlin Bronze Indoor Barebow
Goran Dimitrov Bronze Indoor Barebow
Sara Gebhardt Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Atreyu Hannon-Moonstone Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Elliott Lee Bronze Indoor Compound
Chian Chuu Bronze Indoor Compound
Clarissa Bond Bronze Indoor Compound
Bryan Young Bronze Indoor Compound
Kent Kizerian Bronze Indoor Compound
John Siebert Bronze Indoor Compound
Kenneth Cruze Bronze Indoor Compound
Brad Veith Bronze Indoor Compound
Sarah Vogel Bronze Indoor Compound
Tyler Kleiman Bronze Indoor Compound
Abigail Reed Bronze Indoor Compound
Randy Kettelhut Bronze Outdoor Recurve


Alex Anderson

Gold Indoor Compound
Bennett Schuler Gold Indoor Compound
Bennett Schuler Gold Indoor Compound
Parker Braddock Gold Outdoor Compound
Alex Anderson Gold Outdoor Compound
Aaron Ochoa Gold Outdoor Compound
Clay Dempsey Gold Indoor Fixed Pins
Jayden Azbill Gold Indoor Fixed Pins
Pierce McAdam Gold Indoor Recurve
Matthew Parmenter Gold Indoor Recurve
Isabella Kim Gold Indoor Recurve
Caelan Shanklin Gold Indoor Recurve
Ethan Chan Gold Indoor Recurve
Jin Kang Gold Outdoor Recurve
Morgan Freeman Silver Indoor Barebow
Sierra Nation Silver Indoor Barebow
Walker Cameron Silver Indoor Compound
Jackson Lykins Silver Indoor Compound
Jessica Martin Silver Indoor Compound
Wyatt Welch Silver Indoor Compound
Jace Jerrell Silver Indoor Compound
Alex Anderson Silver Indoor Compound
Jacob Lanahan Silver Indoor Compound
Andrea Thompson Silver Indoor Compound
Emily Moore Silver Indoor Compound
Hunter Carlton Silver Indoor Compound
Logan Saxon Silver Indoor Compound
Bennett Schuler Silver Indoor Compound
Hunter Telleen Silver Indoor Compound
Sergio Garcia Silver Indoor Compound
Alicia Aviles Silver Outdoor Compound
Parker Braddock Silver Outdoor Compound
Alex Anderson Silver Outdoor Compound
Aaron Ochoa Silver Outdoor Compound
Clay Dempsey Silver Indoor Fixed Pins
Ethan Ellis Silver Indoor Fixed Pins
Isabella Kim Silver Indoor Recurve
Sara Tateshima Silver Indoor Recurve
John Shelby Stephens Bronze Indoor Barebow
Gabriel Urgelles Bronze Indoor Barebow
Sierra Nation Bronze Indoor Barebow
James Kirby Bronze Indoor Basic Compound
Easton Rupp Bronze Indoor Compound
Haley Roger Bronze Indoor Compound
Dean Capellari Bronze Indoor Compound
Slade Bowden Bronze Indoor Compound
Eli Pierce Bronze Indoor Compound
Bastian Corona Bronze Indoor Compound
William Carpenter Bronze Indoor Compound
Ben McFarland Bronze Indoor Compound
Will O'Brien Bronze Indoor Compound
Jacob Lanahan Bronze Indoor Compound
Jackson Ratajczak Bronze Indoor Compound
Harper Koehl Bronze Indoor Compound
Hunter Telleen Bronze Indoor Compound
Peter Beaudry Bronze Indoor Compound
Greyden Sautter Bronze Indoor Compound
Noah McIntyre Bronze Indoor Compound
Jonah Forsyth Bronze Indoor Compound
Madison Kaspshak Bronze Indoor Compound
Kellie Pickett Bronze Indoor Compound
Madison Ritter Bronze Indoor Compound
Cayden Cripple Bronze Indoor Compound
Callah Kenney Bronze Indoor Compound
Jack McDonald Bronze Indoor Compound
Isaiah Ryel Bronze Indoor Compound
Eli Forsyth Bronze Indoor Compound
Anna Shearier Bronze Indoor Compound
Garrett Knight Bronze Indoor Compound
Maggie Grutkoski Bronze Indoor Compound
Jennifer Baker Bronze Indoor Compound
Andrew Xie Bronze Indoor Compound
Andrew Broadbent Bronze Indoor Compound
Summer Pavlik Bronze Indoor Compound
Kendra Boehm Bronze Indoor Compound
Rebecca Vogel Bronze Indoor Compound
Drew Crump Bronze Indoor Compound
Kenzie Niese Bronze Indoor Compound
Sergio Garcia Bronze Indoor Compound
Taya Hawkins Bronze Indoor Compound
Gracelyn Sinclair Bronze Indoor Compound
Alicia Aviles Bronze Outdoor Compound
Kaelan Gerhardt Bronze Outdoor Compound
Maggie Grutkoski Bronze Outdoor Compound
Clay Dempsey Bronze Indoor Fixed Pins
Nataleigh Newhouse Bronze Indoor Fixed Pins
Piper Colantone Bronze Indoor Fixed Pins
Ethan Ellis Bronze Indoor Fixed Pins
Jack Moorhouse Bronze Indoor Fixed Pins
Callidora Muonio Bronze Indoor Fixed Pins
Ashley Nash Bronze Outdoor Fixed Pins
Isabella Kim Bronze Indoor Recurve
Oscar Jan Bronze Indoor Recurve
Veda Gummadi Bronze Indoor Recurve
Camryn St. Clair Bronze Indoor Recurve
Skyler Dong Bronze Indoor Recurve
Sara Tateshima Bronze Indoor Recurve
Brody Wheeldon Bronze Indoor Recurve
Jason Zhuo Bronze Indoor Recurve
Danica Morissette Bronze Indoor Recurve
Austin Zhao Bronze Indoor Recurve
Isabella Langfield Bronze Indoor Recurve
Alec Johnson Bronze Indoor Recurve
Andrew Gonsalves-Long Bronze Indoor Recurve
Erika Suwan Bronze Indoor Recurve
Donya Fournier Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Lily Lin Bronze Outdoor Recurve

These awards are part of the USA Archery Achievement Program, which provides achievement award pins for progressive scoring achievements, and encourages youth and adult archers to accomplish goals in the sport of archery.

In addition to a certificate and pin, Bronze JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a backpack, Silver JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a lightweight jacket, and Gold JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a belt buckle. 

Archers wishing to earn these awards must be current youth, adult, or family members of USA Archery and part of a registered USA Archery Youth or Adult club. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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