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March 06, 2011

JOAD Committee Update

On February 14th and 15th the JOAD Committee met in Colorado Springs, Colorado for their annual meeting. In attendance were John Stover, North Region Representative and Committee Chairman; Dee Falks, South Region Representative; Doug Ludwig, East Region Representative; Brian Ficker, West Region Representative; Denise Parker, USA Archery CEO; and Diane Watson, JOAD Coordinator. Athlete Representative Samantha Pruitte joined the meeting via conference call.

The first order of business was the discussion of the 2011 Easton JOAD Nationals, July 7 - 10, 2011 at Discovery Park, Sacramento, California. The format of the tournament will follow the 2010 format with the exception of compound archers. The distance for junior and cadet compound archers will be 50m, using the 80cm target face with scoring out to the 6 ring; cub compound archers will shoot 30m, using the 80cm individual target face with scoring out to the 5 ring; and bowmen compound archers will shoot 25m, using the standard 80cm single target face. All archers will be shooting 6 arrow ends with a time limit of 4 minutes.

For recurve archers, juniors will shoot 144 arrows at 70m; cadets at 60m; cubs at 50m, and bowmen at 30m - all on a 122cm single target face. Once again, the team rounds will be an important part of the Easton JOAD Grand National Champion Award. Awards will be given out for Distance Placements, Team Placements, Olympic Round Placements and the overall Easton JOAD Grand National Champion for each category. If needed, to determine the EJN Champion, the archer's placement in the Olympic Round will used to serve as the tie-breaker. For more specific information on schedules and hotels for this event, please click here.

JOAD State Coordinators

The JOAD Committee understands the need to get the State Coordinators more involved at the state and national levels.

 "The time has never been more important or so right for JOAD leaders to come together to discuss and plan the future of JOAD as now. JOAD clubs are growing, the clubs' needs are greater, and the only way to continue to support the archers is for the leadership to come together and build a solid platform," stated John Stover, North Region Representative and JOAD Committee Chairman.

In an effort to begin to bring all of the coordinators together, there is a strong need to update contact lists and to renew commitments. The JOAD Committee is urging all of the State Coordinators to reach out to their Regional Representatives to chat about what is happening in their states, to update contact information and to renew their commitment to their position. Those states without State Coordinators will be looked at closely by the Regional Representatives to seek out and place new individuals in those positions.  If you are a JOAD State Coordinator, please seek out your Regional Representative to open a dialogue. To locate your Regional Representative please click here. To view the State Coordinators contact list, please click here.

The next JOAD Committee conference call will be Monday, April 4. Please bring any important comments to your Regional Representatives before then.

JOAD Grants

The Ann Hoyt/Jim Easton JOAD Grant Program is being made possible by archery legend Ann Hoyt and current supporter of youth archery, Jim Easton. Through contributions from the Ann Hoyt Legacy Fund (link), the Easton Sports Development Foundation, and contributions from the NAA Foundation, JOAD Clubs can request funds for such items as target butts, stands, archery equipment, general supplies and coaching certifications. A total of $40,000 is being made available for 2011. These grants will be made available quarterly and will be administered through USA Archery and the JOAD Committee. Each grant will not exceed $5,000. For more information and to obtain a grant application, please click here or contact Diane Watson at [email protected]. The first grant will be released on June 1, 2011.

501(c)3 Guide

We have released a 114-page document that focuses on the business of being a JOAD club. The document covers the ins and outs of running your JOAD club as a business and offers suggestions and a "fill in the blank" section in hopes of helping clubs achieve their nonprofit status. Please click here for more information. Please remember that this is only a guide and anyone seeking 501(c)3 status may want to consult with an attorney for specific questions.

JOAD Mail-In Program

The JOAD Mail-In Tournaments have been a great opportunity for archers to receive experience in shooting tournaments and a great way for them to gauge their skills. With the idea of expanding those opportunities to the outdoor seasons, the JOAD Committee would like to announce the beginning of a quarterly JOAD Mail In Program that will commence July 1 and will run on a quarterly basis.

This is how it will work: starting in the 3rd quarter (July/August/September), scores will be shot outdoors. Then for October, November, December, the Mail-In Program will move indoors. During January, February, and March, the Mail-In Program will still be indoors, and then for the months of April, May and June, the Mail-In Program will move outdoors again. By hosting a Mail-In event during each quarter, we are giving athletes a chance to practice and hone their skills at all of the various disciplines that our sport has to offer. It also gives athletes an opportunity to see where they stand amongst their peers from across the country without having to travel. It's an excellent way for archers to prepare for larger tournaments such as the USAT Qualifier Series and Easton JOAD Nationals.

In the past, a significant issue with the Mail-In has been the compilation of scores. So for the quarterly Mail-In Program, we are asking that scores be turned in electronically. Watch the website for registration forms and rules. 

Thank you to all of the clubs who have participated. For results, please click here.


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