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July 23, 2015

IMPORTANT: Announcements for US Olympic Team Trials Participants

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - The first U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Archery is fast approaching. The qualifying event for the Trials is the Texas Shootout, scheduled for September 3 - 5, followed by the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for the top 16 male and top 16 female recurve archers who are registered to compete, on September 6 and 7.

Please note the following critical information for all competitors and potential competitors:

Event Registration Page

In addition to Registration, this page has all key event information, including General Information, Schedule, Hotel Information and Registered Archers. Visit the Event Registration Page now.

Registration Cutoff

  • Deadline for registration:  August 5, 2015; 5:00 pm Mountain Time
  • Deadline for LATE registration (additional $50 late fee applies):  August 13, 2015; 5:00 pm Mountain Time

Proof of Registration

Athletes registering for this event online have the responsibility to do ALL of the following:

1.  Be prepared to show proof of registration via a receipt/confirmation of registration if needed at the event. If competing in the Olympic Trials, this means registration of BOTH the Texas Shoot Out AND the Olympic Trials.

2.  Confirm registration by checking to be sure their name appears on Registered Archers list in the appropriate division posted on the Event Registration Page, BEFORE the deadline for registration.  

3.  Report any apparent missing or incorrect information to the Event Contact immediately. Do not wait to notify of any inaccuracies at the event.

Members can also see which activities they have registered for in their USA Archery member account:

>Visit Member Login

>Expand "Member Area"

>Click on the "+" sign to expand

>Click on "Member Profile"

>Click on "Customer History" tab.

Recurve Cadet Archers Wishing to Register for Olympic Trials

USA Archery has lifted the restriction that allows archers to register only in a single age class, for recurve cadet archers at this event only.

Recurve Cadets who want to compete as Cadets for the Texas Shootout, and also want to shoot the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, will need to register for the Texas Shootout as Cadets and then ALSO register for the Texas Shootout and U.S. Olympic Team Trials as a Junior/Senior.

This means two separate registrations and three fees. This also means these archers will compete twice for the Texas Shootout: once as a Cadet at 60 meters (a single 72 arrow qualification round plus eliminations), and again as a Junior/Senior at 70 meters (two 72 arrow qualification rounds only).

These archers will shoot TWO Qualification rounds, and their participation in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials will be determined by their Junior/Senior qualification round scores as combined with Senior recurve archers.

Please follow both of these steps if you are a Recurve Cadet archer wishing to register for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials:

1. Register for the Texas Shootout as a Cadet recurve archer. Please DO NOT add the U.S. Olympic Team Trials Fee.

2. Then, call National Events Manager Sheri Rhodes at 719.866.3450 to add the Recurve Junior/Senior registration for Texas Shootout, and the U.S. Olympic Team Trials registration.

If you are a Recurve Cadet archer and have already registered as a Junior/Senior archer for Trials, but wish to also compete at the Texas Shootout as a Cadet, please call Sheri Rhodes at the number above.

Recurve SENIOR and JUNIOR Archers Wishing to Add Olympic Trials Registration

If you missed adding the Olympic Trials registration fee and want to add it now, follow these steps.

1. Login to your USA Archery member account

2. Click on this link or paste it into your web browser's address bar: This will take you to the Event Registration Page, where you will be able to add the Olympic Trials Registration.

3. Submit payment, and be sure to print your proof of registration (see above).

4. REMEMBER you must register for BOTH the Texas Shoot Out and the Olympic Trials if you wish to participate in the Olympic Trials competition.

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