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April 02, 2024

USA Archery and DataCore Fund Services team up in a pivotal deal that will drive development

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In a landmark partnership designed to bolster the sport of archery across all levels, USA Archery is excited to announce a significant multi-year agreement with DataCore Fund Services. This collaboration, valued in the six figures, is set to fuel the sport's growth from grassroots to elite levels, further establishing archery's presence nationwide.

A vanguard in the realm of Fund Administration, DataCore Fund Services combines decades of unmatched experience with a deep-seated passion for archery, along with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer Adriana Arévalo since 2016, DataCore has experienced substantial growth, continuously adhering to the loftiest of industry benchmarks.

Now in its 26th year, DataCore is celebrated as one of Canada’s most respected fund administrators. Its legacy, characterized by resilience and adaptability, has made it a pillar in the ever-changing financial services sector. This partnership with USA Archery is seen as a strategic extension of DataCore's mission to not only meet but exceed industry norms, driving progress both within the financial sphere and the broader community.

Adriana Arévalo expressed enthusiasm for the sponsorship, stating, "Aligning with USA Archery marks a milestone that resonates with DataCore's core values of skill, precision, and integrity. It represents a synergy of shared ambitions and values, paving the way for a fruitful collaboration."

The partnership is set to enhance critical initiatives such as the Indoor Nationals and USA Archery’s High Performance and National Elite Programs in North Carolina, directly supporting the sport's developmental and competitive structures.

USA Archery CEO Rod Menzer welcomed the partnership, highlighting its significance: "DataCore's alignment with our values and their enthusiastic support for archery make them an ideal partner. This collaboration arrives at a pivotal moment, underpinning our efforts to nurture and expand the archery community."

Reflecting on the strategic alignment with DataCore's objectives, Ms. Arévalo added, "This partnership is a testament to our global expansion goals, showcasing our dedication to precision, accuracy, and strategic growth. It's a powerful endorsement of our commitment to excellence, mirroring USA Archery's legacy of success."

The connection between DataCore and archery extends beyond professional collaboration, touching personal milestones within the Arévalo family. Adriana Arévalo's daughter, Audrey Khan Arévalo, has achieved remarkable success in the sport, underscoring the shared values of dedication and precision that drive both DataCore and the sport of archery.

About DataCore Fund Services Inc.:

DataCore Fund Services Inc., with over 25 years of expertise, is at the forefront of fund administration, leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer tailored solutions. Serving a wide range of fund managers, DataCore specializes in comprehensive fund services, contributing to the success of both established and emerging asset managers in Canada and globally.

About USA Archery:

USA Archery is the National Governing Body for the sport of archery, responsible for selecting and training men’s and women’s teams to represent the U.S. in the Olympic, Paralympic, and Pan American Games. We are committed to providing equal sports and recreation opportunities to every person. Archery is a sport that is open to everyone; it is inclusive of all ages, genders, and abilities.

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