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November 01, 2023

USA Archery launches sweepstakes to benefit member clubs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – USA Archery has partnered with some of the biggest names in archery in launching the 2024 USA Archery Sweepstakes, which aims to benefit member clubs across the country.

Sweepstakes entries will go on sale November 1 and remain available for purchase through August 1, 2024. Register early to be entered in all prize drawings through 2024!

Prize drawings will be made on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each week from January 1 through November 30, and daily in December in 2024, with hundreds of incredible prizes on offer, thanks to more than 20 amazing partners. The total value of all prizes is over $100,000!

Among the prizes are stabilizer bows, arrows, bowstrings, sights, stabilizer sets, binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, gift cards, and a 10-day South African safari!

Sweepstakes entrants will be eligible for all prize drawings following their date of purchase and can win more than once! Visit the USA Archery Sweepstakes website to view the prizes and drawing calendar.

“Fundraising is and always has been a key component in the growth of clubs and our sport,” said USA Archery CEO Rod Menzer. “In creating the USA Archery Sweepstakes, and through the enormous generosity of our industry partners, we see this as a truly amazing and unique opportunity to help generate revenue for the sport and our member clubs in a fun way.”

Proceeds from each entry will be split evenly between USA Archery and the USA Archery club selected at the point of purchase.

With each purchase, at a cost of $50 per entry, the buyer will have the option to choose where their money goes. With the click of a button on a dropdown menu the buyer may select a USA Archery club to receive half the proceeds from each purchase to support clubs to host tournaments, upgrade or maintain equipment or their range, support athletes, or however the club determines funds can best benefit and sustain their club. Alternatively, the buyer may select “no affiliation” to have 100% of funds support USA Archery to promote and grow the sport.

Enter the USA Archery Sweepstakes today!

USA Archery would like to thank: American Whitetail, Athlon Optics, Easton, Elite, GAS Bowstrings, Hotel Planner, Hoyt, Lancaster Archery Supply, Mantis, Mathews, Maven, Morrell, RamRods Archery, Sandstone Safaris, Scott, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Steady Aim, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, Trek, Truball/Axcel, Vortex, Win&Win.

About USA Archery: The mission of USA Archery is to enable United States athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in Olympic, Paralympic, World Championships and international competitions and to promote and grow the sport of archery in the United States.

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