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April 01, 2024

The race for Paris resumes in Arizona with Stage 3 of Olympic Trials Qualification

PHOENIX, Ariz. – By the time the archers step on the line in Arizona on Tuesday for Stage 3 of the Olympic Trials Qualification Event, there will have been a gap between stages of 212 days.

And while there has been seven months since the most recent stage of the Olympic Trials Qualification Event, the remaining four stages will unfold in the next five weeks, culminating with Stage 6 during Gator Cup in mid-May.

Each country can qualify either one or three places each for the Olympic Games in the men’s and women’s recurve division. For Paris 2024, there are 64 men’s and 64 women’s spots available. The USA has one quota slot in the men’s division and one in the women’s division. Additional spots will be awarded at the Pan Am Championships, which takes place in Medellin, Colombia next week. The Final Qualification Tournament will be held with World Cup 3 in June.

Remaining quota slots will be allocated to the host nation and to other countries based on team world rankings in June 2024. (Read the 2024 Olympic Games Qualification System). To select athletes to the U.S. team quota slots, USA Archery uses these U.S. Team Olympic Trials.

There are 16 men and 15 women continuing their Olympic journey this week. Across Tuesday and Wednesday, they will compete in a 72-arrow round followed by round robin matches. By lunchtime Wednesday, the field for both men and women will have been cut to the top eight who will fight to the finish in Florida.

After the opening two rounds, which took place in Malvern, Pa. last fall, Brady Ellison and Casey Kaufhold lead the men’s and women’s standings respectively. Ellison is followed by Trenton Cowles, Jack Williams and Jackson Mirich. Those chasing Kaufhold include Catalina GNoriega, Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez and Molly Nugent.

Latest scores and results can be found on the Between Ends website, while photos will be placed HERE.

Stage #3 Olympic Trials Qualification Event: stand-alone event prior to 2024 USAT Event #1 - AZ Cup (April 2-3)

  • 70 Meter, 72 Arrow Round #3
  • 15 Round Robin Matches
    Cut to Top 8
  • Team Round Simulation

Stage #4 Olympic Trials Qualification Event: 2024 USAT Event #1 - AZ Cup (April 4)

  • 70 Meter, 72 Arrow Round #4

Stage #5 Olympic Trials Qualification Event: 2024 USAT Event #2 - Gator Cup (May 11)

  • 70 Meter, 72 Arrow Round #5

Stage #6 Olympic Trials Event: stand-alone event following 2024 USAT Event #2 - Gator Cup (May 13-14)

  • 7 Round Robin Matches
  • Elimination Round Matches
  • Team Round Simulation
  • 7 Round Robin Matches
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