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November 15, 2023

Join the growing number of USA Archery clubs choosing to host local tournaments

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Hosting an archery event brings many benefits to organizers and archers, which is why more and more USA Archery clubs are embracing the opportunity to put on local tournaments.

Host clubs can gain event hosting experience in putting on tournaments, which can lead to further opportunities, such as bidding for and hosting a USA Archery state or national championship event. Events also provide revenue which can offset club expenses such as travel, equipment purchases, and to keep the lights on at the club!

Archers, meanwhile, learn the process and methods for tournament participation. This can alleviate stress when competing at larger events. Archers also meet friends from other clubs and create a social network which can last a lifetime.

And then there are the benefits for judges. Most national level judges are still involved in their local clubs’ tournaments and can provide oversight and guidance for event hosts and newer judges.

The ability to deliver quality tournaments for archers has been helped in recent years by resources such as the USA Archery event registration platform. This tracks member data and provides detailed reports to event organizers. The platform also ensures all participants are USA Archery members and tracks the agreement of participation waivers to alleviate insurance-related concerns.

USA Archery has partnered with the Between Ends scoring platform to provide live scoring and other event resources. Clubs can create an account and manage their tournaments in this platform, free of charge.

Iowa State coordinator Tom Goldsmith said, “It has been great being able to manage tournaments using Between Ends. It is definitely a time saver, especially when using the USA Archery platform and being able to download all the archer registration data into Between Ends and then utilizing it for assigning bales, printing badges, and so on.”

USA Archery has also developed a state records platform which many states are embracing. Benefits include streamlining the records process so that athletes may submit their own requests.

Club directors and coaches who still feel they may not be ready to host a tournament can mimic the tournament experience with their archers by hosting an Achievement Award Pin Shoot or the USA Archery Virtual Tournament.

The Achievement Award Program enables archers to strive for their best performance at their own pace. USA Archery anticipates over 750 archers will join the Virtual Tournament this quarter.

For more information please direct inquiries to [email protected].

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