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January 16, 2012

USAA, Flexor Ink Sponsorship Deal

Colorado Springs, CO - Flexor, a Connecticut-based company founded by F. "Skip" Latella, will offer its patented motor-learning exercise program to USA Archery in a newly announced sponsorship agreement. Flexor will work with USA Archery's teams, introducing them to its unique exercise solution, which delivers enhanced balance, stability and flexibility.

"The Flexor Method," said Skip Latella, "is the first scientifically validated, patented, sport-specific motor-learning exercise program developed for archery.  On-target performance requires a stable platform; Flexor's patented exercises provide what general balance and conditioning exercises cannot deliver:  immediate, lasting, sport-specific improvement in the body's posture, balance, and stability."

Flexor is being used by a number of top recurve and compound shooters, noted Mike O'Hayer, a Flexor executive.  "The response has been overwhelming," he said.  Notable archers already using Flexor include world number one ranked male recurve archer Brady Ellison, top compound archer Jesse Broadwater and Resident Athlete Jake Kaminski.

"Flexor is a great tool that helps archers to become stronger by using proper and, biomechanically sound posture," noted U.S. National Head Coach KiSik Lee, who has seen benefits for top archers who have tested the system.  "I recommend that archers of all levels try the Flexor system at least once to see the benefit it can offer."

"Since using Flexor, I have noticed increased flexibility in my upper body and significant gains in body control and stability," noted Kristin Braun, the Resident Athlete who is currently fourth for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials.

Ellison commented as well: "The balance Flexor has given me is incredible. In my opinion there's nothing that's going to make an archer stronger in the wind than this system. I think my win in Antalya [at the World Cup] over Oh Jin Hyek was the result of my using the Flexor system, which also helped me to rehabilitate my knees."

Flexor comes to archery after gaining wide acceptance of its exercises in the world of golf.  According to the company, "Flexor's Method has been scientifically proven at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Neuromuscular Research Laboratory.   In its study, the Neuromuscular Lab determined that Flexor's Method improved strength, balance, flexibility and coordination - adding distance and improving accuracy for golfers of all ages, sexes, and playing abilities." 

"We are very pleased to announce this partnership with Flexor, and feel that their technology is an excellent fit for USA Archery's development programs," explains USA Archery CEO Denise Parker. "We think integrating their methodology into our training programs will benefit our entire pipeline from grassroots program development to elite archer training."  

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