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December 15, 2014

Junior Dream Team Members Announced for Compound and Recurve

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Dreaming of Olympic or World Championship success? Now, there's a Junior Dream Team for you, whether your bow choice is compound or recurve.

The Junior Dream Team, a program designed to identify talented young archers and bring them together for training camps, coaching and competitions, recently held Selection Camps for compound and recurve athletes.

This was the first-ever Camp for the Compound Junior Dream Team, which was staffed by four top coaches and hosted 36 archers between the ages of 12 and 17. The Recurve Junior Dream Team also held its own selection camp, hosting 34 archers aged 13 to 18.

Both camps followed a similar process of giving archers a top-rate training experience at the U.S. Olympic Training Center; some archers were able to stay onsite and experience dormitory-style housing, while other archers stayed in hotels nearby. All archers were able to train and compete onsite, and enjoy meals together in the Center's dining hall.

Attendees at both camps were treated to a wide range of coaching and training assistance, including instruction on proper stretching and physical fitness. Over the course of the camp, coaches were able to observe and work with archers on various aspects of their shooting form and mental game.

Archers being evaluated for selection to either Junior Dream Team were required to shoot using lightweight and regular bows, complete physical fitness testing, and shoot various rounds for score. Archers were evaluated on subjective and objective criteria, which included their shooting scores, interviews with coaching staff, coaches' evaluations, competition experience and physical fitness testing.

At both camps, the National Training System was emphasized; this shooting technique is taught throughout USA Archery's instructor and coach certification programs and was developed by National Head Coach KiSik Lee. The National Training System for compound bows was introduced at the Compound Junior Dream Team Camp.

"This was an extraordinary camp for me," noted Compound Junior Dream Team Coach Linda Beck. "I have never experienced a camp where there was such teamwork between the coaches and the archers."

Fellow Coach Larry Wise agreed: "This group of teens was fantastic to work with, giving their full attention and effort to accomplish form improvement. They were highly supportive of each other and the coaches, embracing the NTS-Compound model with enthusiasm. I look forward to working with them in the future."

Congratulations to all of the members of the Recurve and Compound Junior Dream Teams, listed below.

Compound Junior Dream Team

Recurve Junior Dream Team

Jimmy Bell

Jenna Ahn

Jordan Benadum

Mina Burns

Tyler Boogaard

Alice Buswell

Athena Caiopoulos

Sean Chang

Jesse Clayton

Hunter Conley

Kevin Clayton

Madeleine Ducote

Cassidy Cox

Christine Kim

Gracie Detamore

Geun Woo (Kevin) Kim

Miles Gould

Rachael Kim

Kolby Hanley

John Klus

Thadrick Heaney

Julie Kong

Payton Hookstead

Ashleigh Koval

Kristin Huber

Julia Lam

David Jacks Jr.

Ralph Lawton

Sadie Jean Kammlah

Chris Lee

Bryan Mazur

Andrew Mateo

Caroline McCracken

Anna Miscione

Matt Menke

Kent Nitta

Ethan Merrill

Cody Offchiss

Brooke Miller

Jake Ohlendorf

Avery Pagano

Ryan Oliver

Kali Pavlik

Danielle Park

Riley Person

Nathan Park

Jackson Rhodes

Harsha Pavaruli

Dylan Sackschewsky

Samantha Reese

Hala Skelton

Teodore Rodriguez

Kinzie Thomas

Noah Shedroff

Shelby Warrington

Suzanna Sim

Samuel White

Jorrin Song

Corey Wright

Amanda Tamayo

Miriam Trafford


Hardy Trafford

Karissa Yamaguchi

Spencer Yee

Joyce Yoo

Nick Younger

Aileen Yu

Kai-Lou Yue


Kathy Songhee Min

Leila Kim

Devin Oblander

David Lee

Diana Kim

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