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April 29, 2009

JOAD - Where are we headed?

(original post on April 29th)

Much has been posted, written and even protested lately regarding rules, regulations and format of JOAD programs and events.  Discussion has ranged from what the maximum eligible age of a JOAD archer should be to whether or not it is mandatory to have a team round at the JOAD Nationals. In addition, I have heard discussion and taken calls questioning whether we should base the winner off of the FITA round, consistent with the senior nationals event, or do we base it off the elimination rounds, consistent with other international FITA events? These are all very valid questions and they need to be addressed and answered. There are still other comments that I have received for which there is no need to post a reply other than YES, WE NEED TO DO THAT! JOAD needs structure, JOAD needs promotion, JOAD needs consistency, JOAD needs funding... these are things we KNOW without a doubt need to get better.  So the real question is how are we going to move forward with JOAD and how are we going to address the concerns outlined above and those that come up in the future?

Two very important things are taking place in May that I would like to share with you.  The first is that we are hiring a JOAD Coordinator.  As with everything, it is difficult to ask a lot of time from our volunteers.  The JOAD Committee does its best, but when it comes to the administrative and promotional legwork, we need a dedicated, paid leader.  This hiring is expected to occur late May or early June.  Please see the notice posted to view the responsibilities related to this position.

The second important event taking place is a meeting of the JOAD Committee, along with me, scheduled for May 27-29th in Salt Lake City.  Agenda topics include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Review of applicants for JOAD Coordinator position
  • Role of JOAD Committee going forward related to the JOAD Coordinator
  • Structure of JOAD Committee and process for new applicants
  • 2009 JOAD Nationals Team Round - Are we going to have one?
  • JOAD involvement for archers over 18, but still in High School
  • JOAD Camps (Regional)
  • o What is the structure and who will host?
  • o Is it possible to have camps in the summer of 2009?
  • Structure of Jr. USAT and JOAD events
  • o Should JOAD and Jr. USAT events be the same format?
  • o How many should we have each year?
  • o Where should they be located?
  • o What is a format that we can enforce across all events and be consistent with in the future?
  • o Should the format tie to that which FITA enforces during Youth events?
  • Jr. USAT selection process and benefits. What is the tie to JOAD?
  • JOAD name and logo - Should it be modernized?
  • JOAD merchandise - What merchandise can we provide to support clubs and increase JOAD revenue?
  • JOAD promotional and educational materials - what do we need with regard to materials to increase the program's effectiveness?
  • Discussion regarding NASP, ASAP, JOAD transition
  • Finalize the plan for a fundraising initiative to be launched at the 2010 JOAD Nationals.

 As you can see, there is much to discuss and go through during these short days.  However, this meeting will set the framework and structure for the new coordinator position.  Upon the completion of this meeting, we will post a recap to let everyone know the direction we would like to head in many of these areas.  It is important that if you have thoughts or comments regarding these subjects that you get these to one of your representatives on the JOAD Committee. The list of current JOAD Committee members and their emails are listed below. 

 Chair: Bob Pian [email protected]
North Region Coordinator: Eva Fuller [email protected]
East Region Coordinator: Cindy Bevilacqua [email protected]
South Region Coordinator: Tony O'Brien [email protected]
West Region Coordinator:  Open
Paralympic Representative: Randi Smith [email protected]
Athlete Representative: Sally Seipp [email protected]

The good news is that JOAD is poised and ready for a comeback.  There is funding available to modernize the program and a strong pipeline of kids in place looking for an opportunity to shoot more.  I am hopeful that we can encourage more coach education in the future years, which will have a direct correlation on the number and quality of JOAD clubs.  We are headed in the right direction, however, it is a critical time for USAA staff and the JOAD committee to meet and collectively set the course for the future.



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