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May 07, 2009

Ellison Qualifies #1 in Porec - Finishes 4th

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Tuesday May 5, 2009 - Individual qualification day for recurve at the World Cup Stage 2 in Porec (CRO).

Brady Ellison posts a 1342 and secured a #1 ranking during the qualification rounds on Tuesday. Ellison also has registered and shot in the Compound division in order for the USA to field a full three person team and compete in the team competition.

USA Recurve Men Qualification Results:

  • Ellison #1 - 1342
  • Wunderle #23 - 1304
  • Kaminski #53 - 1259
  • Domenech #58 - 1240

USA Recurve Women Qualification Results:

  • Koehl #45 - 1255
  • Braun #57 - 1206
  • Carter #59 - 1190

Wednesday May 6, 2009 - Individual qualification day for compound at the World Cup Stage 2 in Porec (CRO).

Jamie Van Natta continues her dominance of the World Cup circuit with another #1 ranking and a score of 1410. Braden Gellenthien lead the compound men with a 1406 for a #5 rank headed into the elimination rounds.

USA Compound Men Qualification Results:

  • Gellenthien #5 - 1406
  • Ellison #25 - 1385
  • Gato #36 - 1378

USA Compound Women Qualification Results:

  • Van Natta #1 - 1410
  • Johnston #35 - 1351

Thursday May 7, 2009 - Individual eliminations day at the World Cup Stage 2 in Porec (CRO).

Recurve Men - Ellison will shoot for the bronze on Saturday, May 9th in the finals as he knocked off Satir (TUR) 111-107 in the 1/32 round, Havelko (UKR) 112-109 in the 1/16 round, Abramov (RUS) 108-105 in the 1/8 round and Marusau (BLR) 111-109 in the 1/4 finals.  He was upset by 2004 Olympic Champion, Galiazzo (ITA) 111-113 in the semi-finals.  Ellison will go up against Valladont (FRA) for the Bronze medal on Saturday. Kaminski, Domenech and Wunderle were all eliminated in the 1/32 round. Kaminski was defeated by 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Ruban (UKR) 100-110, Domenech was defeated by Banerjee (IND) 102-112 and Wunderle lost to Pertlik (CZE) 108-112.

Recurve Women - Kristin Braun had a incredible day as she finished 10th overall, an impressive finish considering her rank of 57th going into the elimination rounds.  Braun pulled a major upset during the 1/32 round beatting #8 ranked Zhu (CHN) 102-101. During the 1/16 round she tied with her competitor Buitron (ESP) 96-96 and shot a 10 during the shoot off to Buitron's 7 to advance.  She nearly won her 1/8 match with another tie, this time with Zhang (CHN) 107-107. However, Braun shot a 7 to Zhang's 9 in the shoot-off. Koehl and Carter were both eliminated in the 1/32 round.  Koehl was defeated by Marusava (BLR) 101-105 and Carter lost to Lionetti (ITA) 90-109.

Compound Men - All three compound men were eliminated in the 1/16th round, Gellenthien lost to Hasenfuss (GER) 113-114, Ellison lost to Trillus (CAN) 111-113 and Gato lost to Jimenez (ESA) 110-117.

Compound Women - Van Natta was upset in the 1/4 finals by Weihe (GER) 112-114 and Johnston lost in the 1/8 round to Bosch (VEN) 107-109.

Mixed Team - The U.S. fielded one Compound Mixed Team of Braden Gellenthien and Jamie Van Natta.  The pair made it to the finals match where they were defeated by Italy 154-156.

Friday May 8, 2009 - Team eliminations day at the World Cup Stage 2 in Porec (CRO).

Recurve Men - Team of Domenech, Ellison and Wunderle defeated Malaysia in the 1/8 elimination 221-213 and lost to India in the 1/4 elimination 218-227.

Recurve Women - Team of Braun, Carter and Koehl lost in the 1/8 elimination to the team from the P.R. China 197-215.

Compound Men - Team of Ellison, Gatto and Gellenthien defeated Turkey in the 1/8 elimination 225-179 and lost in the 1/4 elimination to Germany after a two-end shoot-off 227T (29;27) - 227T (29;28).

Compound Women - USA did not field a team

Saturday May 9, 2009 - Individual and Team Finals at the World Cup Stage 2 in Porec (CRO).

Recurve Men Bronze Medal Match - Ellison was the only American shooting on the finals day.  Ellison shot against Valladont (FRA) for the Bronze Medal.  They had an incredible match that ended in a tie 114-114. Both of their first shots in the shoot-off were 8s. On their second arrows Ellison shat a 9 to Valladont's 10. 

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