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August 29, 2012

American Rising Stars Clinch Wins at Canadian Championships

This firsthand report is courtesy of Team Leader Diane Watson:


Victoria, Canada

August 7 - 13, 2012


Sandwiched between the Olympics, Paralympics and the World Field Championships was the 2012 Junior U.S. Archery Team (USAT) trip to Victoria, Canada. While a lot of the attention has been on the bigger events, this event was still important to USA Archery and its development of future Olympians and World Champions.


16 of the top U.S. Junior athletes traveled to Victoria, Canada to participate in the Canadian National Championships, a STAR FITA registered event. The real purpose for these trips are to allow the athletes to learn about international travel and to experience international competition, with hopes that they learn how to be the best athlete that they can be.  I know that sounds clich� but it is far from it. Simple things like being away from family, eating different food, time differences, and sleeping conditions can really affect how an athlete focuses on the field.


Victoria, Canada is located on an island in the western part of British Columbia. The weather is beautiful and the locals are some of the friendliest people we have ever met. The shooting conditions can be tricky because of the breezes that come off of the water onto the island.


The athletes were scheduled to shoot a full FITA on the first day of competition, a 720 round on the second day of competition and then the last day they would compete in the Canadian Open.  The Canadian Open is similar to our Hoyt World Open.


Our athletes were competing in a guest class amongst themselves, however nothing stopped them from coming out of the box with guns blazing. They still knew that they had to put good performances on the board in order to make the Top 16 cut into the Canadian Open, where they would have a chance to go head to head with their Canadian friends.


For the FITA round it was quite breezy across the field. At times the archers felt like it was a swirling wind rather than a straight one-direction breeze that the flags were showing.  The next day brought calmer conditions but the archers were still left guessing with the wind from time to time.


In the Junior Women Compound Guest Division was Carli Cochran, Kayleigh Rogers, Gabrielle Cyr and Micki Flick shooting 1379, 1329, 1308 and 1261 respectively for the FITA Round. In the 720 round  it was Carli Cochran and Gabrielle Cyr tieing with a 662. Closely behind them was Kayleigh Rogers with a 660 and the Micki Flick with a 606. Carli Cochran's (PA) total score of 2041 gave her the #1 seed into the Canadian Open. Kayleigh Rogers (TX) total score of  1989 was seeded 5th, Gabrielle Cyr (ME) was seeded 9th and Micki Flick was seeded 14th.


In the 1/8th round Cochran defeated Flick 137-132.  Cyr received a bye in her 1/8 match, as Rogers had to depart for the World Archery Field Championships. In the 1/4's  Cyr defeated Schina (CAN) 138 - 137. Parlee (CAN) defeated Cochran 139 - 136. In the Semi Finals Bouffard-Demers (CAN) defeated Cyr 145 -140. Cyr defeated McLean (CAN) 144 - 139 for the Bronze Medal.


In the Junior Women Recurve Guest Division was Shannon Ostling shooting a score of 1220 on the FITA and a 606 on the 720 round, Katie Alexander 1152 and 581 , Sarah Bernstein, and Emily Blake, qualifying 2, 6, 12 and 14 respectively.  Alexis Drake (WA) qualified in 10th.  In the 1/8 round Chenier (CAN) defeated Blake (USA) 6 -4. Alexander (USA) defeated Scholbeck (CAN) 6 - 2.  In the �'s Ostling (USA) defeated Drake (USA) 6 - 0 and Alexander (USA) defeated Chenier (CAN) 6 - 4.  Matching up Alexander and Ostling in the Semi's. It was a very close match with Alexander moving on to the Gold medal match.  In the Bronze medal match Sammell (CAN defeated Ostling (USA) 7 - 5 and in the Gold Medal Match Thiffeault-Picard (CAN) defeated Alexander 7 - 3.


In the Junior Men Recurve Guest Category was Daniel McLaughlin (OH) shooting a 1273 FITA and a 626 - 720 round., Jeremiah Cusick (CA) shooting a 1229 FITA and an unofficial National Record of 659 on the 720 round, Ben Chu (NY) shot a 1160 FITA and a 612 -720 round and Josh Smith (CA)shot a 1176 FITA with a 562 on the 720 round qualifying 3, 4, 11 and 13 respectively for the Canadian Open.  U.S. Archer Matt Zumbo competed in the Senior Category and qualified in the 5th position for the Canadian Open. 


In the 1/8th round Smith (USA) defeated Cusick (USA) 6 - 4, Zumbo (USA) defeated Wilson (CAN) 7-5, McLaughlin (USA) defeated Gibson (CAN) 6 - 0, Chu (USA) was stopped by Arsenault (CAN) 0 -6. In the quarters, Zumbo prevails over Smith 6 - 4, McLaughlin (USA) defeats Arsenault (CAN) 6 - 4. Both McLaughlin and Zumbo win their Semi Final matches and meet up in the Gold Medal match.  In a very tight gold medal match Zumbo defeats McLaughlin, 6 - 3.


In the Junior Compound Guest category was Garrett Abernethy (GA) shooting a 1383 FITA and a 700 on the 720 round, Aaron Groce (GA) shot a 1344 FITA with a 691 - 720 round, Connor Kelly shot a 1346 FITA on a 687 - 720 round and Levy Cyr shot a 1328 FITA and 679 on the 720 round, qualifying  them at 2, 7, 8 and 12 respectively for the Canadian Open. 


In the 1/8 round Abernethy (USA) defeats Parenteau (CAN) 144 - 136. Groce (USA) loses to Brandson (CAN) 138 - 143.  Cyr (USA) defeats Fagan (CAN) 145 - 144, Kelly (USA) defeats Rousseau (CAN) 145 - 143. In the �'s Cyr (USA) loses to Schleppe (CAN) 145 - 146. Kelly (USA) is defeated by World Champion Chris Perkins 146 - 148. Abernethy (USA) defeats Brandson (CAN) 144 - 141. Abernethy wins his semi-final match against Tataryn (CAN) 146- 145 to meet up with Perkins (CAN) in the Gold Medal Match.  In a very close match Perkins(CAN) defeated Abernethy (USA) 145 - 143.


In the Cadet Guest division two USA Archery members traveled to Victoria to compete as well, Eliot Simon and Cody Offchiss. Simon shot a 1241 FITA with a 634 -720 round. Offchiss shot a 1023 FITA and a 576 - 720 round. Each archer had a chance to  qualify for a Masters/Cadet Canadian Open qualifying 1st and 14th respectively.  In the 1/8th round Offchiss (USA) was defeated by Serdynski (CAN) 2 - 6. Simon  (USA) defeated Bracey (CAN) 6 - 2. In the quarters, Simon (USA) defeated J. Vezina-Boucher (CAN) 6 - 3 carving his way into the Semi-Finals.  In a very close semi final match against Sorley (CAN), Simon (USA) came out the winner in a closest to center shoot off giving way to the Gold Medal Match. Simon continued his strong shooting  and defeated G. Vezina-Boucher in the gold medal match 6 - 0.


Traveling with the 16 athletes were Head Coach Richard Cockrell, Coaches Derek Davis and Doug Ludwig. Diane Watson was the Team Leader.

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