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January 29, 2015

4th Quarter Mail-In Marked by Strong Participation, Club Spirit

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Archery extends heartfelt congratulations to all who participated in the largest 4th Quarter Indoor Mail-In Tournament in the history of the organization!

530 individual archers, 46 teams and 39 different clubs entered the event, which is conducted quarterly. Click here to view the winning individuals and teams for the 4th Quarter Mail-In Tournament.

The Mail-In Tournament encourages beginner and advanced archers alike to experience the joy and excitement of a national archery tournament at a minimal cost, while shooting at their home club.

To participate, archers shoot a score at their local archery club, and submit their highest score for the quarter to their club leader, along with a registration fee of just $10 for individuals. Teams may combine their individual scores to enter for a total of $15. Club leaders then submit scores to USA Archery.

The Mail-In Tournament is an indoor event for 4th and 1st quarters, and heads outdoors during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year. To encourage club spirit for the fourth and final quarter of 2014, USA Archery was excited to announce an Indoor Mail-In Tournament with a holiday theme.

Clubs from across the United States held special shooting dates at which archers wore holiday related costumes and generally enjoyed a holiday theme while shooting their bows together. USA Archery congratulates the 50th State Archery Club for wining the 4th Quarter Club Spirit Award. They will receive a JOAD Club Banner for their efforts,

The 1st Quarter Mail-In Tournament for 2015 will be an indoor event, with individual and team categories, as well as a Club Spirit award focused on a Valentine's Day theme. Click here to learn more and enter today!

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