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January 25, 2013

Nichols Beck and Krebs Honored as Coaches of the Year

Colorado Springs, CO - Mel Nichols, Linda Beck and Doug Krebs have been selected as USA Archery Coaches of the Year in the National, Developmental and Volunteer categories, respectively.

Nichols, a 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Coach and Level 5-NTS Coach, was nominated by Olympian Miranda Leek, whom he helped coach to several top finishes nationally and internationally.  Nichols has also coached Collegiate All-American Mackenzie Kieborz, and Junior United States Archery Team (USAT) members Nathan Yamaguchi, Danielle Reynolds, Andrew Mateo and Karissa Yamaguchi, among others.

"Mel has been a huge contributor to my own success as well as the improvement of the women's team in general," commented Leek in nominating her coach. "Mel gives his all to help the archers he's working with; he's very supportive and always positive, and he is able to push me to keep working harder and keep improving even on days I didn't think I could."

Junior Dream Team Coach Beck is also a Level 5-NTS Coach, and serves on USA Archery's Board of Directors, as well as coaching the Granite City JOAD club.  Nominated by USAT Member Lexi Keller, JOAD National Champion John Klus Jr., and their parents, Beck has also coached Hunter Jackson, Sean and Daniel McLaughlin and several other top young archers.

"Linda was professional, patient and very insightful," explained the Keller family. "She has always encouraged Lexi and has never let us down. Without Linda's training, we do not believe Lexi would be at the level that she is, nor could Lexi claim to be the number one ranked junior female compound archer in the U.S. today."

Level 2 Instructor Doug Krebs began his coaching career by helping his daughter to realize her archery dreams, but soon became involved in the Granite City JOAD club as an archer and volunteer coach. Taking time away from his job in order to volunteer, Krebs has helped several young archers to work toward their goals in the sport.

"Doug is really good at finding what needs to be fixed in my archery form and then explaining it to me in a way that I can understand it," noted Kenny Cruze, age 12, who helped to nominate Krebs. "He is always positive and encouraging in his instruction to me and the rest of the archers. He is very patient [and] I respect him as my coach."

Coach of the Year honors are awarded based on nominations submitted, and the consideration of a committee that votes on the final awards. Coaches in the National, Developmental, Volunteer and Paralympic categories may be nominated; coaches who incorporate science may be nominated for the Doc Counsilman Award.  For more information on the Coach of the Year Awards, visit  

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