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July 10, 2024

USA Archery announces Para Athletes' Advisory Council and Athletes' Advisory Council election results

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The USA Archery Para Athletes’ Advisory Council (Para AAC) and Athletes’ Advisory Council (AAC) results are in following elections for seats on both Councils.

There were three Recurve seats available on the Para AAC, with a minimum of one seat that must have been awarded to a male and one seat awarded to a female. There were two Recurve seats available on the AAC, in which one seat must have been awarded to a male and one seat awarded to a female.

The Para AAC and AAC advises the Board of Directors and USA Archery staff on any issue relating to athletes or athlete rights. Council members represent the athlete membership and act as a voice on their behalf.

They are responsible for broadening communication between USA Archery and active athletes. Plus, they review all team selection procedures and provide input on other para athlete and athlete related matters. Current para athlete and athlete members of USA Archery elect council members.

The following representatives have been elected:

USAA Para AAC - Recurve

  • Kevin Mather: Term 2025-2028
  • Candice Caesar: Term 2025-2028
  • Karen Sternfeld: Term 2025-2028

USAA AAC - Recurve

  • Trenton Cowles: Term 2025-2028
  • Catalina GNoriega: Term 2025-2028

Para AAC Recurve representative Kevin Mather remarked, “I’m excited to serve my second term on the PAAC and hope my feedback can make archery better for everyone, especially para archers.”

Para AAC Recurve representative Candice Caesar also commented, “I am excited to be elected to the Para AAC. I can use my voice to advocate for change to create a better future for the athletes of today and tomorrow.”

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