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January 11, 2024

Sweepstakes Spotlight: loyalty, ingenuity and quality behind the success story of family-run T.R.U. Ball/AXCEL

T.R.U. Ball/AXCEL are among the many generous partners who have kindly contributed to the 2024 USA Archery Sweepstakes, which launched in November offering hundreds of prizes valued at more than $100,000 in total.

Between January 25 and December 12, a lucky entrant drawn in the sweepstakes will receive one of 10 AXCEL Achieve XP Carbon Bar Compound Sights generously donated by T.R.U. Ball/AXCEL, an industry leader in releases, sights and scopes.


It was a change of direction in the mid-1990s which introduced T.R.U. Ball and then AXCEL to the archery world and it was a path which founder Greg Summers was forced along to make sure his loyal staff kept their jobs.

Greg and his wife opened a machine shop in 1985, Summer & Sons Inc in Madison Heights, Virg. Greg had spent the previous 13 years as a machinist at a couple of other companies but decided it was time to go it alone.

Son-in-law and Director of Marketing, Brandon Reyes, takes up the story, “They did a lot of work for local industry and they had a couple of contracts with a local nuclear company.

“Ten years into them owning the business they were looking for some new facet to branch into because some of the contracts were drying up in the nuclear field and my father-in-law didn’t want to go through laying off employees; he wanted to still be able to give them a job.”

That connection with his staff and determination to keep them in employment proved the catalyst to what is now a global company, and one which is respected and revered within the archery world.

The year was 1995. Greg Summers and several of the engineers were into bowhunting and so they set about devising new devices for the sport. The end result? T.R.U. Inc. (Tomorrow’s Resources Unlimited) was born. The AXCEL brand would follow.

“Here we stand, 28 years later, and the business is primarily archery, yet still with local business and nuclear contracts,” explained Reyes.

Reyes added, “We’ve always been dedicated to the target archer, which is kind of backwards for an American release/sight company, because most of our target audience are hunters, whereas in Europe it’s all target archery and very little hunting.

“And yet, despite devoting most of our engineering and design to target archery, we do a lot of hunting products as well.”

From a local business serving the local community, to specializing in a sport they love and bringing that passion and pride to their products, products which are used by archers around the world.

“When I first joined back in 2007, with the aim of growing the international market, internationals sales made up a small percent of our business,” Reyes said. “Now, that figure has grown in spades.”

Experts in their field, with the motto ‘Making archers – and archery – better’, family-run T.R.U. Ball/AXCEL certainly does that.

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