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April 26, 2024

Getting to know the people behind the partnerships: DataCore Fund Services

Earlier this month, USA Archery announced a six-figure, multi-year deal with DataCore Fund Services, which has as its COO, Ms. Adriana Arévalo. USA Archery sat down with Ms. Arévalo at Arizona Cup to find out a little more about DataCore Fund Services, their support of the sport, and how it has become a passion for the family.

USA Archery (USAA): Why did you get involved in the sport of archery?

Adriana Arévalo (AA): I've been involved in a lot of other sports, because of both Audrey and my eldest daughter, Chiara. Both were involved in a variety of sports, from rhythmic gymnastics to tennis to swimming to horseback riding to sailing to diving…and the list goes on. Then Audrey brought us to archery, I found it to be such a supportive and friendly community. Audrey felt the same, especially after being in sports where tensions always run high. Archery seems to draw a certain personality with such focus that it brings a calming effect. What is also great about archery is that it's a sport where archers don't age out. We get a nice scope of different ages shooting together, sharing stories, helping each other. On the parent side, I’m sure it has to do with sharing the experience, being outdoors, braving the elements together, and getting a lot of fresh air.

USAA: And this partnership with USA Archery, how do you see it benefiting both parties?

AA: Both parties will equally benefit from the partnership as USA Archery is able to fulfill their obligation of supporting elite athletes from the financial resources provided by DataCore. DataCore sees this partnership as an extension of its business plan to establish business operations into the US, to take advantage of the need for full-service fund administration. Having a globally recognized brand such as USA Archery will open up many new business opportunities for DataCore.

USAA: What was your impression from afar of USA Archery, but also the health of the sport of archery in the United States?

AA: Archery in the USA is in good health. It is definitely growing at an exponential rate. Our daughter Audrey (pictured center) started shooting when the senior nationals and the junior nationals were held together at one venue. Now they are split because there is no venue large enough to accommodate the growing number of archers. The USA Archery leadership is strong and focused. We can all agree that it all starts with the leadership and trickles down from there. They have the commitment to succeed. As in any business, as long as the leadership is doing the right thing, the athletes benefit and the community will continue to grow. I have had the opportunity to speak to Rod Menzer, who was a successful businessman, a former world class archer and thus understands the sport from an athlete’s perspective as well as from a business perspective. He is a passionate and a strong leader, guiding the organization to bring the right kind of focus to the sport.

USAA: You mentioned your daughter. Sometimes children get to a certain age and then there's that separation. They go their different paths. Parents are not cool anymore. But the fact that you can share this passion with your daughter and travel and be immersed in that, how important is that for you?

AA: It is very important. We are a very busy family. My husband and I run two separate and distinct businesses, and we are blessed to be able to take the time to share a few days together. I mean, I can't be working while at the field, though I've tried, but gladly there's not enough cellular reception most of the time. So I've given up. I don't even bring my laptop to the field anymore. I’m present for Audrey, and she knows that I’m there for her as well. It gives us that extra time that if we weren't doing this, you're right, she might be hanging out with her friends wherever, hopefully just doing homework, and we would be so busy working. But these events encourage us to come out and we get to spend time as a family, share in the ups and downs of the tournaments, meet with old friends, and make some new ones. This takes us out of the daily grind. I'm really happy and excited that she continues shooting and hopefully she will let us keep being here with her for a long time.

USAA: Tell us a little bit about yourself and about DataCore Fund Services.

AA: I’m the COO at DataCore Fund Services. We are a full-service fund administration company, and we work directly with Fund Managers managing the operations of their various fund structures. At DataCore we work hard, we embrace integrity in our work, and foster respect for each other, while delivering a level of service excellence that gives our clients piece of mind knowing that their back office is in the most capable hands. In this we share the same ethos with USA archery. Archery is about having integrity, being precise, being focused and having that goal to succeed. Same with DataCore. We aim to maintain that kind of atmosphere and sense of community, and it is the same as at USA archery. The archers are all having fun while at the same time working hard, and everybody supports each other. That's the essence of DataCore, and that's why USA Archery fits us.

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