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January 21, 2011

USAA, NFAA Announce Updated Schedule, Prizes and New Name for World Outdoor Archery Festival

Colorado Springs, CO - USA Archery (USAA) and the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) have announced an updated schedule and the addition of a New Car Shoot-Off for the World Outdoor Archery Festival, scheduled for July 25 - 30 in Yankton, SD an event being hosted jointly by the NFAA and USAA.

The World Outdoor Archery Festival will be comprised of three international tournaments over the course of six days: the NFAA National Field Championship which will take place July 25-27, the USAA National Target Championship occurring July 27-29, and the Hoyt World Open on July 30. The USAA National Field Championship will also be held in Yankton, SD the weekend prior to the World Outdoor Archery Festival on July 22-24.

In order to ensure fairness to all archers, NFAA has cut their event from the traditional 5-day event format which included two optional days for the Field and Hunter rounds to having only three days which are all mandatory. The field round will be shot Monday, July 25th, the Hunter Round will be shot Tuesday, July 26th and the Animal round will be shot Wednesday, July 27th. With these changes to the schedule, the only day of "overlap" will be July 27th, the Animal round of the NFAA National Field Championship and the practice day for the USAA National Target Championship.

"The changes to the format solved a couple of different issues for us, "states NFAA president, Bruce Cull. "It allows for a fairer event, as all archers will compete under the same conditions and pressure, knowing they can't eliminate one of their rounds. It also allows archers to be able to shoot in all events without having any competition days where and archer would have to shoot multiple events."

Designed to attract archers from across the United States as well as other countries, the events of the World Outdoor Archery Festival will offer the fun, camaraderie and excitement of an international archery tournament, as well as an unprecedented $54,800 in potential prize money. Additionally, event organizers have announced that all archers who compete in the World Outdoor Archery Festival (NFAA National Field Championship, USAA National Target Championship and Hoyt World Open) will be eligible to participate in the New Car Shoot-Off on Saturday, July 30, in which archers will compete for a new car or cash prize.

"We intend to put as much emphasis on the 'Festival' as on the events themselves, says Denise Parker, USA Archery CEO. "With improvements to the event schedule and the addition of the New Car Shoot-Off, the World Outdoor Archery Festival is quickly shaping up to be the premier outdoor archery event of the year. This event will offer archers the fun and camaraderie that are such an integral part of the archery experience, while also offering the excitement and professionalism of an international archery event."

The Hoyt World Open will be held in conjunction with, and immediately following, the U.S. National Target Championships. Designed to attract the world's best archers, the prize money offered for this event is an amount surpassed only by the World Archery Championships and Olympic Games. USA Archery will pay $2,000, $500 and $200 for all four senior categories (Men's Compound, Men's Recurve, Women's Compound, Women's Recurve). Hoyt will pay contingency of $8,000 (1st), $2,000 (2nd) and $1,000(3rd) for the same premiere senior category archers winning with a complete Hoyt bow. First place winners in the four senior categories have the potential to win up to $10,000 for first place. Second place in each of those categories could win up to $2500, while those who place third would be eligible to win up to $1200 each, totaling $13,700 per category.

To encourage archers to participate in all three events of the World Outdoor Archery Festival, the NFAA and USAA will be providing a discount on registration for those who sign up for all three events. USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association are working together to offer archers the convenience of one-stop online event registration and accommodation information for all events, which will be announced on as soon as it becomes available.

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