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December 19, 2017

USA Archery Certifies 27 New Level 4 NTS Coaches

CHULA VISTA, California - USA Archery Education and Training Manager Guy Krueger and National Head Coach KiSik Lee led two Level 4-NTS (L4) Coach Certification Courses at the Easton Archery Center of Excellence in the last few weeks. These week-long courses take Level 3-NTS education further to focus on sports science in archery, psychology and biomechanics with a large emphasis on the National Training System (NTS). The course also focuses on coaching, teaching, and communication.

To complete the course and earn the certification, coaches must meet several requirements, including completing mental management courses and passing a practical examination focused on NTS. L4 coaches are also eligible to apply for international team staff positions and are highly sought out as knowledgeable archery resources around the nation. An impressive 27 coaches earned the L4 certification status, and eight current L4 coaches attended the courses as a refresher.

Lancaster Archery Academy's Coach Heather Pfeil shared that the course was as challenging as she had heard it would be. Her advice to others: "Study months ahead of time and meet with a L4-NTS or L5-NTS coach if you have the opportunity. Be open minded to absorb as much information as possible, and review the new L3-NTS Course Materials and Mobile Coach resources to prepare."

USA Archery's Guy Krueger congratulated the courses' attendees: "I'm really proud of all of the coaches who attended the course. There was a tremendous amount of professional and personal growth, and I honestly believe this course is helping us to develop better coaches." He added: "Also big thanks to Jim White and Linda Beck for helping and presenting as well as additional support from Eric Tollefson and Steve Caufman."

To learn more about USA Archery's Coach Certification program, click here. For the certification course schedule, click here. To find a coach near you, visit our locator.

Congratulations to the following new L4-NTS Coaches:

  • Daniel Allen
  • Brandon Aylward
  • Swaminathan Balasubramanian
  • Byron Burkhardt
  • Alan Chan
  • Thomas Clum
  • Dan Govier
  • Lee Hetletved
  • Joycelynn Kimbrell
  • Martin Koini
  • Ulrike Koini
  • Jeffrey Kok
  • Sarah Kotlar
  • Don Lim
  • Brett Litzler
  • Rob Mihalovich
  • Heather Pfeil
  • Mark Pirrello
  • Thomas Powell
  • Kim Rigney
  • George Ryals IV
  • Chris Tackett
  • Jason Tong
  • Nancey Trevanian Tsai
  • Michael Welsh
  • John Williams
  • Amy Witt

Photo courtesy of Martin Koini

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