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May 07, 2015

17 Clubs Awarded Collegiate Archery Program Grants

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Thanks to contributions from the Easton Foundations, USA Archery is excited to announce that 17 grants have been awarded to Collegiate Archery Program Clubs.

The following Collegiate Archery Program Clubs received grant funds:

  • Brandeis University
  • Emmanuel College Archery
  • Georgia Institute of Technology-Yellow Jacket Archery Club
  • Georgia Southern University-Southern Eagles Archery
  • Harvard University-Archery Club
  • Humboldt State University-Archery Club
  • James Madison University-Archery
  • Michigan State University-Archery Club
  • Oklahoma State University-Archery
  • Sonoma State University-Archery
  • Texas A&M University-Target Archers (Tamu)
  • University of California, Berkley-Archery Team
  • University of California, Davis-Aggie Archery
  • University of California, San Diego-Sun God Archery
  • University of Connecticut Archery Club
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte-Charlotte Archery Club
  • University of Texas, Austin-Archery Club

Collegiate Archery Program Clubs in good standing can request grant funds for items such as athlete and coach travel, target butts, stands, archery equipment, general supplies, and coaching certifications to support club, athlete and coach development.

Alina Zhu, President of Sun God Archery at UCSD, commented: "It's hard to explain how exciting this grant is for our club. We were lucky in our first year, getting by using spare equipment we borrowed from the archery classes. But in our second year, within the first two weeks of our first general meeting, our membership size was already double the size it was in our first year. That was when we had to face the music and realize: we had no equipment, and not enough certified coaches. There were days when we were trying to run club practices of around 30 people with maybe three bows.

"So for us, this grant means a lot of things," Zhu continued. "It means that when those people who were in the club this year kick things off next year, there will actually be equipment ready for the people who are excited enough to come and check out our practices. It means that club officers and coaches can devote more time to our members, not just because they won't need to run around scrounging up more equipment, but also because there will be more of them with coaching certifications. We're going to invest in equipment that they can feel confident shooting, so no one feels barred from stepping into the competition scene for lack of a suitable setup. With those kinds of new resources, we can't wait to see what our third year is going to be like. It's really going to be something."

The 2015 Collegiate Archery Program grant cycle is now over, but clubs are encouraged to look for more information on 2016 grant opportunities that will be posted at this link.

Questions may be directed to Program Manager Callie Grieser at: [email protected]

Home page image: Archers at the University of Texas - Austin. Photo credit: UT Archery website.

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