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April 15, 2015

National Indoor and JOAD National Indoor Champions Announced

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - When it came to this year's U.S. National Indoor Championships and JOAD National Indoor Championships, the story is all about archery's rising popularity, and how that's translated to growth in the sport. Download complete results.

A record 3,320 archers in 73 different categories competed at ten different locations spanning the country over four weekends between February and March. Archers shot many different equipment types, including compound and recurve bows, as well as barebow and traditional style.

All competitors shot the same distance: 18 meters, or approximately 20 yards, at a multi-colored target face. The U.S. National Indoor Championships, open to both adult and youth archers, consisted of 120 arrows shot over two days, while the JOAD National Indoor Championships is a 60 arrow tournament.

Archers from the bowman category - the youngest, at 12 and under - competed side by side with archers in the Masters 70+ group, and every age in between. This year, the Collegiate division was also a significant part of the event, with archers shooting bowhunter, barebow, compound and recurve style equipment.

The events, known collectively as "Indoor Nationals," give archers from across the country a chance to participate at a national archery tournament. For most archers, the competitions are more about having fun, making friends and gaining archery experience than they are about shooting for medals.

Just ask Joseph Vozzo, a 16-year-old archer from Maine who made the trip to Fiskdale, Massachusetts to compete. "It's a wonderful chance to catch up with old friends, as well as to make some new ones," he said of competing at the JOAD National Indoor Championships.

"There's also a really strong sense of community there, where if you forget or need to borrow something, there's always going to be someone who'll offer to help. Plus, there's also the fact that, even if you're not that good, it's really cool to see the rankings come out at the end and see where you fall."

His mom, Noreen, agrees. Her four children all enjoy archery, and two of them compete. "It's been great for Joseph to see that he's part of a huge sport, with participants from all over the country, in all age groups. It's a reminder that archery is a lifetime sport, with a great level of camaraderie," Vozzo explained.

"I think for most archers, those who aren't at the upper echelons of competition, it's a very personal sport as well. It allows the archers to challenge themselves, in a way that's different than what's offered during [archery] class."

Coaches are in agreement. Dan Bolduc, a Level 3-NTS Coach who helps to run A.I.M Junior Olympic Archery Development Club, encourages archers to try the event, saying it can be empowering: "Shooting this tournament is a great ice-breaker for athletes who want more out of their sport or who want to test their comfort zone and challenge themselves. Many different types of archers attend this event and they all get something different out of the experience."

USA Archery congratulates all of the new national champions, as well as each of the 3,320 archers who participated in the 2015 U.S. National Indoor Championships and JOAD National Indoor Championships. Download complete results here. The new national champions are:

JOAD National Indoor Championships

JOAD Male Junior Recurve - Jean-Luc Espinet

JOAD Female Junior Recurve - Eliana Claps

JOAD Male Junior Compound - Charles Weinstein

JOAD Female Junior Compound - Cassidy Cox

JOAD Male Cadet Recurve - Ryan Oliver

JOAD Female Cadet Recurve - Kellie Heusi

JOAD Male Cadet Compound - Blake Ballou

JOAD Female Cadet Compound - Brooke Miller

JOAD Male Cub Recurve - Tyler King

JOAD Female Cub Recurve - Inga Pever

JOAD Male Cub Compound - Dane Johnson

JOAD Female Cub Compound - Sachiko Keane

JOAD Male Bowman Recurve - Dylan Oblander

JOAD Female Bowman Recurve - Cassidy Lacson-Villafuerte

JOAD Male Bowman Compound - Camden Neville

JOAD Female Bowman Compound - Jessarae Klatt

U.S. National Indoor Championships

Male Senior Traditional Longbow: Wade Allen

Female Senior Traditional Longbow: Joan Hinterbichler

Male Senior Modern Longbow: Archie Nixon

Female Senior Modern Longbow: Joan Hinterbichler

Male Senior Traditional Recurve: Steve Caufman

Female Senior Traditional Recurve: Robin Gardella

Male Senior Para Compound Open: Benjamin Thompson

Female Senior Para Compound Open: Martha Chavez

Male Senior Para Recurve Open: Eric Bennett

Female Senior Para Recurve Open: Lee Ford

Male Senior Crossbow: Brent Hankins

Female Senior Crossbow: Patricia Copley

Male Master Barebow: Richard Stonebraker

Female Master Barebow: Dianne Walters

Male Senior Barebow: John Demmer III

Female Senior Barebow: Shanna Schlitz

Male Master 50+ Recurve: Mike Gerard

Male Master 60+ Recurve: Ben Rogers

Male Master 70+ Recurve: Larry Skinner

Female Master 50+ Recurve: Laura Bennett-Shelton

Female Master 60+ Recurve: Barbara Schlettler-Jehl

Male Master 50+ Compound: Benton Christensen

Male Master Compound Finger: P. Jerry Wenzel

Male Master 60+ Compound: Dee Wilde

Male Master 70+ Compound: Ted Lytton

Female Master 50+ Compound: Julene Hakl

Female Master Compound Finger: Wanda Newsom

Female Master 60+ Compound: Sherry Lance

Female Master 70+ Compound: Mary Wenzel

Male Senior Recurve: Collin Klimitchek

Female Senior Recurve: LaNola Pritchard

Male Senior Compound - Braden Gellenthien

Female Senior Compound - Danielle Reynolds

Male Collegiate Recurve - Eliot Simon

Female Collegiate Recurve - Heather Jane Koehl

Male Collegiate Compound - Garrett Abernathy

Female Collegiate Compound - TIE - Emily Bee and Carli Cochran

Male Collegiate Bowhunter - Lucas Jarrett

Female Collegiate Bowhunter - Kendel Baier

Male Collegiate Barebow - Kelton Cheng

Female Collegiate Barebow - Megan Larson

Male Junior Recurve - Eliot Simon

Female Junior Recurve - Karissa Yamaguchi

Male Junior Compound - Charles Weinstein

Female Junior Compound - Emily Fischer

Male Cadet Recurve - Ryan Oliver

Female Cadet Recurve - Meghan Collins

Male Cadet Compound - Logan Bunker

Female Cadet Compound - Breanna Theodore

Male Cub Recurve - Tyler King

Female Cub Recurve - Inga Pever

Male Cub Compound - Seth Trahan

Female Cub Compound - Sachiko Keane

Male Bowman Recurve - Dylan Oblander

Female Bowman Recurve - Somin Ahn

Male Bowman Compound - Harrison Milne

Female Bowman Compound - Jessarae Klatt

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