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August 24, 2011

Champions Named at Copa Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica - The Copa Costa Rica, a World Archery Americas open event, was held August 13-18 in San Jose, Costa Rica, in the country's newly constructed National Stadium. The event opened with a FITA round shot over two days: 36 arrows at each of two long distances on the first day, and 36 arrows at each of the two shorter distances on the second.

For the FITA round, top qualifiers were Elias Malave (VEN) with a 1283 for the recurve men's category, followed by Nolan Cintron Ruiz (PUR) with 1237 and Victor Palacio (VEN) with the same score. Two American archers competed in this category: Colin Klimitchek, shooting a 1221 to qualify fifth and Gregory Twombly, ranking eighth with a 1202. Klimitchek also medaled at the 50 meter distance with a score of 314 for second.

On the recurve women's side, Leidys Brito (VEN) led qualifications with a 1285, followed by Maria Goni (ARG), shooting a 1255 for second, and Ximena Mendiberry (ARG) with a 1253. There were two American archers competing in this category: Kit Flick, who shot a 1007 to qualify tenth, and Alyssa Posecion, qualifying twelfth with a 947.

In the compound men's group, Henry Alfaro (ESA) led with a 1353; George Vire (TRI) took the second spot with 1351, while American archer Corey Shive was close behind with a 1350. Trinidad and Tobago made the strongest showing in this category, with archers qualifying second, fifth and seventh. Shive also medaled at all four distances, taking silver at 90 and 70m, and bronze at the shorter distances.

For the compound women, it was Yolanda Lagos (ESA) who topped qualifications with her score of 1344; Argentina's Vanina Backis ended in second with 1335, followed by Melissa Regnasco (ARG) with 1286. U.S. archer Micki Flick competed in this category, shooting a 1260 to qualify fifth.

Though young archers competing in the junior group were ranked with the seniors, they were also ranked within their own age divisions. For the recurve junior men, Klimitchek qualified number one, and Twombly number two; they were followed by Ivan Bascary (ARG) with 1153 for third. Ranked as juniors, Klimitchek medaled at 90m (bronze), 70 and 50 m (gold), while Twombly took silver at those three distances. At 30m, Twombly took the gold medal, while Klimitchek won silver.

For the recurve junior women, Yerubi Suarez (VEN) qualified first with 1204, followed by Saraneth Rivera (VEN) with 1180; Gloriana Bermudez was third with 1058. Kit Flick, qualifying fourth in this category, secured a bronze medal for her score of 245 at 70m, while Alyssa Posecion (USA) ranked fifth.

In individual match play competition, for the compound women, it was Lagos who ended as the gold medal winner, shooting a 139-136 win over Melissa Regnasco (ARG), who took silver. Bronze was awarded to Vanina Backis (ARG). In the compound men's group, Vire also won the individual gold medal with a 141-132 victory against Rakesh Sookoo (TRI), while Shive (USA) took bronze with a 144-141 win over Atop ranked Alfaro.

For the recurves, winners on the women's side were Brito, taking the gold from Goni with a 6-5 advantage, while Mendiberry won the bronze in a 6-2 matchup versus Fernanda Faisal (ARG). The recurve men's gold medal was won by Malave, who won the trophy in a 6-2 win versus Palacio. For the bronze match, it was Gonzalo Bog (ARG) who took the hardware.

The juniors also competed separately in individual match play. For the recurve junior women, Suarez took the gold medal victory in a 6-0 shutout versus Rivera. Bronze was won by Bermudez, who won the medal with a 7-1 advantage over Posecion.

In the recurve junior men's category, the gold medal final was a matchup between U.S. archers Klimitchek and Twombly, with the medal going to Twombly in a 7-1 win. Ivan Bascary (ARG) took the bronze medal, 6-4 versus Martin Portillo (HON).

In team round competititon, the men's compound medal was won by Trinidad and Tobago, with a 222-208 win over the home team from Costa Rica; Honduras took bronze. For the mixed team competition, it was a matchup between Costa Rica and the American team of Micki Flick and Corey Shive. Costa Rica prevailed with a 144-132 win, giving the U.S. archers the silver, while bronze went to El Salvador.

For the women's recurve team competition, Venezuela edged out Argentina for the gold with a 195-183 win, while Costa Rica, unopposed, took bronze. The mixed recurve team of Klimitchek and Posecion also won bronze in this category, though complete results for the gold medal match were unavailable as of this writing. For more information and results from the Copa Costa Rica, visit

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