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February 25, 2010

20 Second Rule and 2300 Size Arrow Wraps Allowed for 2010 Indoor Nationals

USA Archery announced Thursday, Feb. 25 that the 20-second rule will be used for all 2010 Indoor National Events. The USA Archery Officials and Rules Committee thought it would be good to start implementing the new FITA rule of 10 seconds prior to April 1 to better familiarize athletes with this new rule. 

However, with space issues at various Indoor Nationals sites the 10-second rule could not be enforced properly. Archers will have 20 seconds to approach the starting line at all Indoor National events for this year.

Also, the USA Archery Officials and Rules Committee will allow arrow wraps on 2300 size arrows with several considerations: The wraps must only be on the shaft under the fletching; the archers and judges will make sure the arrows are not going in the bale to the fletching.

The judges at the Indoor Nationals will tell all archers that wraps will not be allowed in the future. FITA has announced that wraps will not be allowed on 2300 size arrows effectively immediately. The USA Archery Officials and Rules Committee approved this rule for enforcement for all USA Archery events, excluding the 2010 Indoor Nationals.

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