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January 15, 2020

Virtual Tournament Hits Record Participation and Increases Prizes

Indoor season is in full swing, and USA Archery is inviting its clubs to participate in the 2020 USA Archery Winter Indoor Virtual Tournament. This quarter’s event will be free for all Collegiate archers with Current Collegiate Eligibility. Teams can use this event to challenge others across the country, prepare for Indoor Nationals, or create a fundraiser to benefit upcoming travel to regional and national events! Collegiate coaches may also review the results to recruit up and coming JOAD archers.

As a special bonus prize, one Collegiate club and one JOAD club will be selected at random to earn a cash prize of $150 to use toward tournament travel at their club leader’s discretion! In addition, as trials continue for the 2020 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams, 25 Virtual Tournament participants will be drawn at random to win a USA Archery Tokyo 2020 Olympic or Paralympic Pin. This collectible pin will not be sold in stores or online.

How to get involved:

  • Score a 30-arrow indoor round with your club (rules and scorecards attached)
  • Use the attached spreadsheet titled 2020 Winter Indoor Tournament Scoring Grid and be sure to fill out all participant information
  • You must select “Yes” for 3 participants in the same division to be eligible for team round honors
  • Return completed spreadsheets to [email protected] by March 31st
  • You will receive an invitation with detailed instructions on how to process payment directly through your USA Archery Member Account

The results from the Autumn Indoor Virtual Tournament can be found here. This event boasted 40 participating clubs and over 500 participating archers! Congratulations to all winners, who will receive an award certificate for placing in the top three places in their division or in the team category.

The Spirit Award Winner from this event is Full Curl Archery of Anchorage, Alaska! Club Leader and USA Archery Alaska State Coordinator David Stoddard elaborated on the importance of the Virtual Tournament for his club members: “This event gives us a great reason to get together for an evening of archery and friendly competition. Although many of our athletes travel to the lower 48 to shoot events, some of our folks only compete here locally. The Virtual Tournament is a great way for them to compete and compare scores with archers across the country!”

In addition, the following archers have won a USA Archery Tokyo 2020 Olympic or Paralympic pin:

  • Kaitlyn Duncan, Central Kentucky JOAD
  • Nathan Bolognese, Southern Maryland Archers JOAD
  • Sean Markiewicz, Raleigh Revolution
  • Alvaro Ubeda, Li’l Abner Foundation
  • Ethan Gordon, Ace Archers
  • Jimmy Chilimigras, Southern Draw JOAD
  • Amy Francka, Ozarks Target Archers
  • Magnus May, Top Pin Archery
  • Bryan Craft, Central Kentucky JOAD
  • Robert Pattison, Wilton Archery Club
  • Hailey Franzone, Timber Mesa Archers
  • Ben Kirk, Ozarks Target Archers
  • Cailyn Kim, Ace Archers
  • Henry Hallock, Ithaca Archery
  • Dave Hein, Sylvan Archers
  • Melysa Stutika, Wisconsin Archery Learning Center
  • Anthony Iglesias, No Limits Sharp Shooters
  • Lexi Harris, Archery School of the Rockies
  • CJ Merchant, Trident Archery
  • Julie Nathanielsz, Ithaca Archery
  • Corwin Clark, Central Kentucky JOAD
  • Rich Hardway, Black River Archery
  • Dreama Cuevas, Southern Draw JOAD
  • Chauncey Wilkins, Golden Arrow Archery Club
  • Natalie Duncan, Central Kentucky JOAD

Please reach out to [email protected] for more information about the USA Archery Virtual Tournament.

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