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September 27, 2009

Virginia's Braden Gellenthien Wins Silver at Archery World Cup and Sets Match Record

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Braden Gellenthien established a new FITA world match record for the compound division in the semifinal round of the 2009 Archery World Cup by shooting a perfect 120 in four ends with 12 total arrows. The Woodbridge, Va., archer defeated Jorge Jimenz (El Savador), 120-114, to advance to the championship match against Italy's Sergio Pagni.


Shooting from the historic Nyahvn Canal, Pagni and Gellenthien were tied after the first end with 29 points. In the second end of three arrows, Gellenthien took a one-point advantage 58-57. Pagni tied the match at 87 in the third end by shooting a perfect 30.


In the fourth and final end with three arrows, Gellenthien started with an 8 opening the door for Pagni, who shot a 10. With two arrows remaining, Gellenthien shot a 10 and Pagni a 9, leaving Pagni ahead with a 106-105 score. On the third and final arrow, both archers shot a 9 giving the World Cup title to Pagni with a final 115-114 score.


"To be honest, a lot of joy of being the new match world record holder in my semifinal disappeared when I had that only one bad arrow in the final," Gellenthien said. "That one bad shot was enough for Sergio to beat me. Still, since we will change the format of competition next year, maybe I will keep this world record forever."


Gellenthien, also the 2007 World Cup silver medalist, was ranked second coming into the World Cup Final. Archers compete at various qualifying events throughout the competitive season earning ranking points with the top four point-winners qualifying for the World Cup final event.


Pagni defeated Patrizio Hofer (Switzerland) 117-112 in the semifinals to advance to the finals.


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2009 Archery World Cup Results

Sept. 26, 2009

Copenhagen, Denmark


Men's Compound

Finals: 1. Sergio Pagni, Italy def. Braden Gellenthien, Woodbridge, Va., 115-114; 3. Patrizio Hofer, Switzerland, def. Jorge Jimenez, El Savador, 118-115.


Semifinals: Gellenthien def. Jimenez, 120-114 (new match world record for Gellenthien); Pagni def. Hofer 117-112.


Recurve Women - 1. Ye Ji Kwak (Korea), 2. Ling Zhao (China), 3. Ok-Hee Yun (Korea); Recurve Men - 1. Marco Galiazzo (Italy), 2. Simon Terry (Great Britain), 3. Romain Girouille (France); Compound Women - 1. Luzmary Guedez (Venezuela), 2. Camilla Soemod (Denmark), 3. Ivana Buden (Croatia); Recurve Mixed Team - 1. Yu Xing and Ling Zhao (China), 2. Morten Caspersen and Carina Rose Christiansen (Denmark); Compound Mixed Team - 1. Martin Damsbo and Camilla Soemod (Denmark), 2. Anastasia Anastasio and Sergio Pagni (Italy)



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