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December 14, 2017

USA Archery Presents 2018 Dream Team Rosters

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - USA Archery is proud to introduce the rosters for the 2018 Dream Team Programs. USA Archery's Regional and Junior Dream Teams are programs designed to identify talented young archers and bring them together for training camps, exposure to advanced coaching and competitions.

At the end of each calendar year, a varying number of open positions become available for new, qualified archers on the Recurve and Compound Junior Dream Teams (JDT) and the Regional Dream Teams (RDT). Athletes are selected based on a wide variety of criteria, and selection this year was incredibly competitive as more and more talented young archers are emerging around the nation.

Selection Camps are held as needed toward the end of each year to select primary and alternate team members. Alternates may be placed on teams officially if and when additional openings become available beyond the initial selection process throughout the next calendar year.  

For 2018, the Recurve Junior Dream Team will split into a men's and a women's team. National Head Coach KiSik Lee will oversee the men's team along with coaches Steve Cornell, Steve Caufman, Jim White, Terry Laney and Holly Stover. National Women's Head Coach Songi Woo will be the head coach of the women's team assisted by coaches Doug Ludwig, Eric Tollefson and Linda Beck.

Linda Beck will also be the coordinator for the Regional Dream Team program and will be supported by coaches Doug Ludwig, Eric Tollefson, Victor Chia, and Mike and Teresa Perrego. The head coach and coordinator for the compound junior dream team will also be coach Linda Beck, accompanied by coaches John Fleury, Jim Pruitte, Larry Wise, Steve Yee, Jesse Johnson and Lee Hetletved.

For more information on the Dream Team Programs, click here.

The complete 2018 Team Rosters are as follows:

Recurve JDT

Compound JDT

RDT East

RDT West

Men's Team

Lake Aldridge

Lindsey Bouffard

Delaney Aikins

Trenton Cowles

Savannah Butler

Taylor Cacopardo

Madison Alexander

Andrew Furst

Athena Caiopoulos

Drew Canos

Aliece Aylor

Ara Hekimian Brogan

Grace Ann Clendenin

Rachel Carlisle

Kemper Clamon

Kent Naogi Nitta

Gracie Detamore

Monica Forsthoefel

Tyler Davis

Devin Oblander

Miles Gould

Chloe Garrison

Madison Devencenzi

Josef Scarboro

Kinley Hetletved

Imogen Adela Grzemski

Jordan Fong

Nikolas Swidryk

Payton Hookstead

Gracie Hollywood

Celine Gaeta

Adam Valera

Braeden Howes

Ryan Jefferson

Blain Gerrells

Adam Whitlach

David Jacks II

Waverly Johnson

Kiera Grover

Noah Won

Dana Janiec

Andrea Kent

Samar Hoda

Galvin Yuan

Hailey Johnson

Taylor Kim

Jacey Hu

New Members

Sadie Jean Kammlah

Elysabeth Kleinke

Maxwell Klein

Benjamin Hur

Jessarae Klatt

Brianna Laux

Mark Kong

Dallas Jones

Daisy Lente

Melissa Lee

Cassidy Lacson-Villafuerte


Ethan Merrill

Ramund Lee

Madison Le

Women's Team

Abigail Nappen

Grace McDaniel

Holland Linterman

Mina Burns

Maya Reddy

Seth McWherter

Riley Marx

Olivia Huffer

Aliya Sebert

Noah Miller

Karisa McAmis

Nidhi Kanchumarthi

Kiersten Sues

Ashley Pincus

Euphoria Miller

Minseo Kim

Sawyer Sullivan

Dhyanashri Raman

Mikah Niehaus

Leila Kim

Samantha Taylor

Sophie Shepherd

Dylan Oblander

Christina Kwak

Kinzie Thomas

Hana Tabit

Olivia Perrego

Ramsey Lechner

Spencer Yee

Callie Wright

Skyler Rosenberg

Elizabeth Lee

Nick Younger

Hannah Yi

Naina Sabbineni

Songhee Min

Katherine Cunningham

New Members

Shrena Sudhakar

Rowan Phlieger

Rachel Withers

Nikhil Murali

New Members

Dorothy Vassantachart

New Members

Johnathan Jen

Arianna Santiago

Savannah Ward

Preston Adkins

Tim Chung

Anessa Williamson

Erin White

Bayli Honeycutt

Haley Sackman

Erin Flores

Katherine Wu

Evan Flores

Colleen Drake

Aspen Helgeson


Camden Neville

James Yoon

Connor Chia


Cole Zeug

Louis Yang



Grace Frickenstein


Clark Bailey


Halie Stucker

Abby Reed



Isaac Sullivan

Melissa Lee



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