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July 24, 2013

USA Archery Congratulates JOAD Olympians

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - What's the highest honor a Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) archer can earn for his or her scores? JOAD Olympian awards are the pinnacle of the JOAD Achievement program, and are given to archers who meet very challenging score criteria. All JOAD Olympians must be current members of USA Archery as well as members of a current JOAD club.

Please visit: to find the Olympian award application form as well as a link to the JOAD Scoring Matrix to see how your archers can earn their Olympian Awards as well. 

Bronze Olympian awards are recognized with a certificate, pin, and lightweight jacket.  Silver Olympian awards are recognized with a certificate, pin, and sports duffel bag.  Gold Olympian awards are recognized with a certificate, pin, and a personalized plaque.  USA Archery provides these awards.  USA Archery will send the awards to the JOAD club leader, upon request, for presentation at their club gathering.  Archers may only receive one jacket, bag, and plaque, but will receive a certificate and pin for recognition for both indoor and outdoor awards.  Olympian awards must be earned in consecutive order for both indoor and outdoor JOAD.

Please see the chart below for a listing of all JOAD Olympian award recipients from March 26th, 2013- June 7th, 2013. Congratulations to everyone!

Bronze Olympians

Silver Olympians

Gold Olympians

Sarah Thomas

Derek Hsiao

Leighcia Meylan

Gabrielle Meylan

Gabrielle Meylan

Dylan Ricky

Leighcia Meylan

Leighcia Meylan

Dustin Clark

Dylan Ricky

Ricky Dylan

Aaron Grace

Michael Kronmann

Cassidy Cox

Owen Maskell

Zachary Laux

Tad Kilbury

Judy Zhou

Danielle McCurdy

Hillary Peyrat

Seth Bollinger

Zach Koaureck

Zachary Laux

Kellie Heusi

Blake Ragon

Donnie Cole

Aaron Grace

Blake Ragon

Corey Wright

Aaron Grace

Ashleigh Koval

Colin Pearson

Brandt Dvorak

Corey Wright

Ryan Oliver

Grace Ertle

Seth Bollinger

Alice Buswell

George Kehlert

Eliana Claps

Kannsas Michael

Jordan Locklin

Jared Bartz

Megan Matthews

Sydney Ruggeri


Koko Ma

Alexis Ruiz


Jenny Han


Devin Wright


Camden Petrea


Claire Estrada


Matt Chant


Tyler McVey


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