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January 12, 2017

USA Archery Congratulates 2017 Regional Dream Team Members

USA Archery Congratulates 2017 Regional Dream Team Members

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - Last year, USA Archery introduced a new program into its athlete development pipeline: The Regional Dream Team (RDT). A prerequisite program for recurve archers who would like to attend Recurve JDT camp as an invitee, the East and West Regional Dream Teams are comprised of dedicated and promising recurve archers from each region of the country. This self-funded program is for archers looking to improve their skills and gain access to the best-quality training in some of the most excellent archery training facilities in the world with a dedicated set of USA Archery certified coaches.


In the first year of the program, there were four RDT camps, two in each region. After careful consideration by the RDT coaching staff, USA Archery is proud to congratulate the inaugural members of each RDT. RDT Head Coach Linda Beck commented: "I would like to congratulate all the archers who attended a Regional Dream Team camp in 2016. These camps provided archers with opportunities to learn techniques to improve their shooting skills. Archers spent many hours training with light weight bows, utilizing a variety of feedback systems: mirrors, video, and coach observation. All archers worked hard to learn and improve. Special thanks to our RDT Coaching staff: Victor Chia, Eric Tollefson, Mike Perrego and Doug Ludwig."

Archers interested in attending 2017 RDT camps can apply online here. The RDT-West camps will take place in Phoenix, Arizona this April, Salt Lake City, Utah in May and Chula Vista, California in late November. There will be an RDT-East camp in Rockford, Michigan in June.

Congratulations to the following members of RDT-West:

  • Madison Le
  • Miae Cho
  • Kendra Hanak
  • Samar Hoda
  • Tatyana LaBlue
  • Riley Marx
  • Olivia Perrego
  • Delaney Aikins
  • Kemper Clamon
  • Micah Flores
  • Jordan Fong
  • Blain Gerrells
  • Karisa McAmis
  • Madison Alexander
  • Bailey Clark
  • Celine Gaeta
  • Holland Linterman
  • Aliece Aylor
  • Daniel Kim
  • Mark Kong
  • Cassidy Lacson-Villafuerte
  • Mikah Niehaus
  • Euphoria Miller
  • Skyler Rosenberg
  • Naina Sabbineni
  • Jack Stevens
  • Tyler Davis
  • Kiera Grover
  • Madison Devencenzi
  • Jacey Hu
  • Maxwell Klein
  • Dylan Oblander
  • Shrena Sudhakar

USA Archery also congratulates the inaugural members of RDT-East:

  • Christopher Bellino
  • Lindsey Bouffard
  • Taylor Cacopardo
  • Gracie Hollywood
  • Imogen Adela Grzemski
  • Waverly Johnson
  • Trevor Quarry
  • Hana Tabit
  • Ryan Jefferson
  • Andrea Kent
  • Raman Dhyanashri
  • Dana Baird
  • Brianna Laux
  • Chloe Garrison
  • Hannah Yi
  • Melissa Lee
  • Grace McDaniel
  • Monica Forsthoefel
  • Ashley Pincus
  • Taylor Kim
  • Drew Canos
  • Seth McWherter
  • Conor Tukel
  • Callie Wright
  • Elysabeth Kleinke
  • Noah Miller
  • Rachel Carlisle
  • Dallas Jones
  • Sophie Shepherd
  • Raymund Lee

For more information about the RDT program or camps, please contact Linda Beck at [email protected]

Photo by Hala Skelton.

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