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July 14, 2010

All Archers Invited: Important Presentations During Nationals

USA Archery will be conducting several important presentations during the upcoming 126th US National Target Championships, which will offer information to all athletes and interested parties on new and exciting steps being taken by USA Archery to benefit member athletes. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, archers are invited to attend informational sessions on the National Training System, conducted by Guy Krueger, which will focus on the exciting system for training archers developed by National Head Coach KiSik Lee.

Following on Wednesday evening will be a presentation with High Performance Manager Robby Beyer and Athlete Council Members which will focus on the proposed new National Ranking System. An Athlete's Meeting will be held immediately afterward. 

On Thursday evening, following the second of the two presentations on the National Training System, the USA Archery annual meeting will be conducted, during which there will be discussion regarding the much-anticipated proposed selection procedures for the World Championship, Youth World Championship, Pan-Am and Olympic Teams. All presentations will be held at the Courtyard by Marriott Hamilton, in the Riverview C meeting room. 

At the USA Archery Annual Meeting, all present will also have an opportunity to receive updates on the organization, as well as ask questions of, and provide feedback to, USA Archery staff and the organization's Board of Directors. All athletes and participants are welcomed and encouraged to attend and participate in these informational sessions, as well as the Annual Meeting.

Schedule for Presentations During National Target Championships:

Wednesday, July 21

6:00 PM - National Training System Presentation (Guy Krueger)
7:00 PM - Proposed New National Ranking System Presentation (Robby Beyer & Athlete Council Members)
8:00 PM - Athlete's Meeting (Athlete Council Members Jennifer Nichols and Erika Anschutz)

Thursday, July 22

6:00 PM - National Training System Presentation (Guy Krueger)
7:30 PM - Annual Meeting - (Including Proposal of World, Youth, Pan-Am, and Olympic Selection Procedures)

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