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December 21, 2011

2012 USAT Members Announced

Colorado Springs, CO - USA Archery has announced the names of the members of the 2012 United States Archery Team (USAT), following a season in which team berths were closely contested. Topping the rankings for the Senior USAT recurve men was Brady Ellison (AZ), who also was the winner of the U.S. National Indoor Championships, the U.S. National Field Championships, and the U.S. National Outdoor Championships - titles which would also earn the winner an automatic USAT placement.

For the recurve women, four-time Olympian Khatuna Lorig (CA) took the first spot; Lorig also currently holds the third position in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for archery, following the First Nomination Shoot. Jamie Van Natta (OH) took first in the compound women's USAT rankings, after a season in which she also won the U.S. National Field Championship and U.S. National Outdoor Championship. Reo Wilde (ID) is atop the compound men's standings after a record-setting season of his own.


For the Para USAT, Jeff Fabry (CA), who was part of the silver medal winning team at the World Archery Para Championships earlier this year, took the first spot for the W1 men's category. Russell Wolfe (PA) took the sole placement in the men's W2 category, while Joe Bailey (MI) finished the season atop the rankings for the open men's group. Natalie Wells (CA) was the first-ranked Para USAT archer in the standing women's category, and Eric Bennett (AZ) took top honors in the standing men's group, as well as qualifying in the men's open compound category.


For Junior USAT, Kailey Johnson (GA), Shannon Ostling (WA), Garrett Abernathy (SC) and Daniel McLaughlin (OH) finished first in the compound girls', recurve girls', compound boys' and recurve boys' categories, respectively. On the cadet side, it was Gabrielle Cyr (MA), Lauren Clamon (CA), Bridger Deaton (IA) and Christopher Luman (GA) who topped their categories' rankings.


"USA Archery congratulates all of the members of the U.S. Archery Team," commented Denise Parker, USA Archery CEO. "Reaching this level of success in your sport is an amazing achievement, and you should take pride in your accomplishments. We wish you the very best as you represent USA Archery during the coming season."


2012 USAT Members

Senior USAT

Compound Women

Jamie Van Natta

Erika Anschutz

Christie Colin

Diane Watson

Paige Pearce

Samantha Neal

Tristan Skarvan

Sarah Lance

US National Indoor Champion - Erika Anschutz

US National Field Champion - Jamie Van Natta

US National Target Champion - Jamie Van Natta

Recurve Women

Khatuna Lorig

Miranda Leek

Jennifer Nichols

Heather Koehl

Holly Stover

Nicole Rasor

Erin Mickelberry

Lori Cieslinski

US National Indoor Champion - Jennifer Nichols

US National Field Champion - Jennifer Nichols

US National Target Champion - Miranda Leek

Compound Men

Reo Wilde

Braden Gellenthien

Jesse Broadwater

Dave Cousins

Rodger Willet Jr.

Logan Wilde

Ben Cleland

Keith Trail

US National Indoor Champion - Dave Cousins

US National Field Champion - Jesse Broadwater

US National Target Champion - Jesse Broadwater

Recurve Men

Brady Ellison

Jake Kaminski

Jacob Wukie

Joe Fanchin

Peter Kelchner

Butch Johnson

Dan Schuller

Vic Wunderle

US National Indoor Champion - Brady Ellison

US National Field Champion - Brady Ellison

US National Target Champion - Brady Ellison


Archers listed alphabetically by Elite Team Members and National Team Members

W1 Compound

Jeff Fabry - Elite Team Member

Chuck Lear - Elite Team Member

Jerry Shields - National Team Member


W2 Recurve

Russell Wolfe - National Team Member


Open Compound Men

John Bellora - Elite Team Member

Jonathan Mize - Elite Team Member

Andre Shelby - Elite Team Member

Matt Stutzman - Elite Team Member
Joe Bailey - National Team Member
Dugie Denton - National Team Member
Eric Bennett - National Team Member
Kenneth Park - National Team Member
Jeff Sena - National Team Member

Standing Recurve Women

Lee Ford - National Team Member
D'Arce Hess - National Team Member
Natalie Wells - National Team Member


Standing Recurve Men

Eric Bennett - Elite Team Member


Junior USAT

Compound Girls

Kailey Johnston

Carli Cochran

Kayleigh Rogers

Micki Flick

Victoria Haynes


Recurve Girls

Shannon Ostling

Emily Blake

Katie Alexander

Sarah Bernstein

Kit Flick


Compound Boys

Garrett Abernathy

Connor Kelly

Aaron Groce

Levi Cyr

Hunter Heavner


Recurve Boys

Daniel McLaughlin

Jeremiah Cusick

Benjamin Chu

Joshua Smith

Ben Roop


Cadet USAT

Compound Girls

Gabrielle Cyr

Hunter Jackson

Kannsas Michaels

Emily Bee

Danielle Reynolds


Recurve Girls

Lauren Clamon

Mackenzie Brown

Elizabeth Caughell

Ariel Gibilaro

Madison Eich


Compound Boys

Bridger Deaton

Riley Whiting

Hunter Barthels

Christopher Bee

Greg Fink


Recurve Boys

Christopher Luman

Alex Wifler

Eliot Simon

Chasen Hacking

Nathan Yamaguchi

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