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October 21, 2020

USA Archery Introduces New 2021 Indoor Nationals Format Alongside State Championships

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – While embracing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, USA Archery is excited to present a solution for the 52nd Indoor Nationals that will make participation in this year’s championships simpler, more convenient, less expensive and easier than ever before, while keeping archers and their families safer and closer to home. For the 2021 Indoor events, USA Archery will offer the opportunity to participate in Indoor Nationals at State Championship events.

In years past, we have held Indoor Nationals events over several weekends at 13 regional locations across the country. Our goal in combining Indoor Nationals with State Championships is to increase the number of event spaces, while allowing for adequate indoor social distancing and implementation of increased safety measures, making competition safer for all involved.

When registered for the State Championships and the USA Archery Indoor Nationals, and for youth archers, the JOAD State Championships and USA Archery JOAD Indoor Nationals, archers can score concurrently for these events. Collegiate archers will also be able to compete in collegiate divisions for the Indoor Nationals at State Championship events.

New for 2021, Indoor Nationals will only consist of one 60-arrow 18m round instead of two. This format will reduce the need for many participants to add a hotel stay to their travel itinerary by making it possible to compete in one day instead of two. USA Archery also intends to continue to host the Indoor Nationals Final – an elite, invitational showdown event for the top scorers across all ages combined with big prize payouts! More details on this event are coming soon.

USA Archery is working closely with our event organizers to make this effort feasible and successful. We are taking as many steps as we can to standardize the state events so archers will have similar experiences across all venues. We appreciate your understanding and support as we build these events to bring a safe, fun, fair competition to a venue near you.

Registration is opening soon. State events will be found on the USA Archery Events Calendar by filtering for “State” under the “Level” dropdown. There will be an additional registration for the Indoor Nationals events under the “National” level option. More information will be provided as we approach registration.

In the meantime, make sure your USA Archery Membership is current so you can be one of the first to sign up! As a reminder, NASP, S3DA and OAS archers are eligible for a free one-year trial membership to USA Archery that can be used to register for these fun and exciting events. We look forward to seeing you at the range soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I shoot a State Championship, but not the Indoor Nationals? Or, can I shoot Indoor Nationals without shooting a State Championship?

A: Archers must register for a State Championship event to be eligible to register for the corresponding Indoor National event, however archers may also choose to compete at state events without participating in the Indoor Nationals.

Q: How will I shoot a score for Indoor Nationals at a State Championship event?

A: If an archer registers for their State Championships and for the USA Archery Indoor Nationals, scores shot for the State Championships events will also count as the archer’s submission to the Indoor Nationals. So, an archer will register for the two events, but one score will count for both event results.

Q: Can youth archers compete in the Indoor Nationals and JOAD Indoor Nationals?

A: Yes! Youth archers shooting JOAD State Championships can also opt to concurrently compete in the 2021 JOAD Indoor Nationals, which will also be a single 18m round. If youth archers want to participate in both the 52nd USA Archery Indoor Nationals and the 2021 JOAD Indoor Nationals, they will need to submit two scores and register for four events: the Indoor State Championships and Indoor JOAD State Championships, and the Indoor Nationals and JOAD Indoor Nationals.

Q: Can I compete in multiple bow categories and/or age divisions?

A: Archers may not enter the Indoor Nationals or JOAD Indoor Nationals in more than one age division (i.e. cadet or junior, etc.), however, you may compete in more than one class (I.e. recurve and compound). To register to compete in the Indoor Nationals in multiple bow classes, email [email protected] for more information.

Q: How will Collegiate archers participate?

A: Collegiate archers are required to have a current membership and Collegiate Eligibility certificate in their USA Archery account prior to registration in the collegiate division. This means Eligibility Forms should be submitted to USA Archery as soon as possible. Once entered, archers are responsible for maintaining their eligibility status and collegiate eligibility will remain in their USA Archery account through July 2021. Applying for collegiate eligibility online will put the certificate in a Pending Approval status-submitting an eligibility form to USA Archery is still required for the certificate to be fully processed.

State level events may or may not offer a Collegiate division.  If the state event which you choose to shoot does not offer a Collegiate division, you must sign up as a Senior or Junior, based on your age. For Indoor Nationals, collegiate archers will register in the appropriate collegiate division. If you are waiting for your school to process eligibility paperwork, you may register as a Junior or Senior in the Indoor Nationals event to secure a spot at a specific location. Once collegiate eligibility is processed, requests for your entry to be moved to the collegiate division can be made by contacting [email protected].

Scores from Indoor Nationals will be used to determine 2020 All-American Academic Team, All-Region (Indoor Portion), and All-American Team (Indoor Portion) collegiate awards. There will not be a separate Collegiate Indoor Final event in 2021.

Q: What if my state does not have a state championship event, or if I’m unable to attend that weekend?

A: Not a problem! For archers in states that do not have a State Championship, or archers who are unable to attend their State Championship, there will be guest categories allowing them to shoot at another nearby state event and submit their score for the Indoor National events.

Q: I live in a big state, what are my options?

A: Large states (geographically and/or with high populations of archers), such as California or Texas, may host more than one State Championship event, each with opportunity to submit a score for Indoor Nationals.

Q: How will the events be standardized across locations?
A: USA Archery is working closely with our event organizers to make this effort feasible and successful. We are taking as many steps as we can to standardize the state events so archers will have similar experiences across all venues. Some of the requirements that will be the same across all venues include, but are not limited to:

  • Target face options: archers will only be able to shoot at a single spot target, or a vertical three spot that is designated specifically for recurve or compound as applicable (i.e. only inner or outer 10 ring included, not both).
  • Recurve archers must change target faces at least every 10 ends, compound archers must change target faces at least every 5 ends.
  • No venue will offer open practice on the day of the event and each will have three ends of official practice before scoring.
  • There will be no authorized access for coaches beyond the spectator area. Be sure to check with each event organizer for specific spectator guidelines.

Q: What if I want to shoot multiple state championship events and/or use early events as a warm-up for Indoor Nationals?

A: An archer may only submit a score for the Indoor Nationals from one location (i.e. if you are a New Jersey resident, but you compete at the New York State Championships as a guest and register for Indoor Nationals, and then you shoot the New Jersey State Championships later, only your score from the New York event will count for Indoor Nationals. OR, if you compete at the New York State Championships as a guest and then compete at the New Jersey State Championships and register for Indoor Nationals at the New Jersey location, only your score from the New Jersey State Championships will count for Indoor Nationals).

Q: Can my score from the State Championships and Indoor Nationals count for World Archery’s Indoor Archery World Series?

A: Yes, as long as it is scored on one of World Archery’s designated competition weekends and timeframes! For no additional fee, you can also register yourself for the Indoor Archery World Seriesthrough World Archery’s registration platform. You’ll need to sign yourself up and submit your score through their scoring platform, but you can use the same score for the State Championships, Indoor Nationals and the Indoor Archery World Series. Learn more about this unique international event opportunity at

Q: Can my score from these events count for USA Archery’s Virtual Tournament Series?

A: Yes! The first 30 arrows of your State or JOAD State event may be counted towards USA Archery’s Indoor Virtual Tournament.  Have your club leader submit your scores to USA Archery by reaching out to [email protected]!

Q: Will my score count for the Multi-Sites Indoor Championship of the Americas (MICA)?

A: Yes! USA Archery automatically submits your 60-arrow 18-meter score for all Masters, Seniors, Juniors and Cadets to the annual MICA mail-in event. We will submit only your score from the USA Archery Indoor Nationals, not any additional state championships you may enter.

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