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December 08, 2010

USAA Certifies 20 Regional and Community Coaches at Transition Regional Coach Course

Philadelphia, PA - USA Archery's second Transition Regional Coach Course of 2010 was held in Philadelphia, at which fifteen Regional Coaches and four Community Coaches were certified. Participants were treated to seven days of intensive workshops and classes with several of the nation's top authorities in archery coaching. 

Attendees began the week with introductions, followed by the Community Coach Course, taught by Elite Coach Dee Falks. Following the completion of this two-day part of the course, participants attended a discussion on the Global View of coaching with Elite Coach Steve Cornell.

The third day of the course was a busy one, as coaches attended a presentation on Athlete Development by John Crawley of the United States Olympic Committee's (USOC) Sport Performance department; this was followed by a discussion with Cristina Fink of the USOC Sport Psychology Network, on Mental Skills. USA Archery Coach Development Manager Sheri Rhodes presented on Archers With Disabilities and Strength and Conditioning, while Regional Coach and veteran archer Ed Eliason wrapped up the day with a talk on the benefits of the National Training System.

The remaining days of the course focused heavily on the principles and technique of USA Archery's National Training System and its shot cycle, designed to offer archers the most biomechanically efficient technique for shooting. USAA National Head Coach KiSik Lee, a world-renowned coach and published author, worked with participants on the Role of the Coach, Biomechanics in Archery, and the NTS Shot Cycle, while Dr. Hyoung Lee presented on Sport Science for Archery.

Participants successfully completed the seven-day course following written exams for both the Community Coach and Regional Courses, and a practical exam on the National Training System shot cycle. Attendees reported that the course was both interesting and informative; Derek Davis, coach of the Columbia University Varsity Women's Team, noted: "[the course offered] good information; I especially enjoyed the sports psychology presentation." Davis also commented on Ed Eliason's talk on the benefits of the National Training System, stating: "I was amazed when I heard [Ed] speak fifteen years ago, and I'm amazed again now."

The Transition Regional Coach Course is part of USA Archery's certification transition program, designed to provide coaches with professional development and educational opportunities, while assisting them with the transition to USA Archery's new coach certification program. The Transition Regional Coach Course will be offered again in 2011, the final year in which participants can complete both their Community Coach and Regional Coach certifications during a single, weeklong course.  Click here for information on upcoming courses.

Participating Coaches:

Cindy Bevilacqua. PA

Lori Cieslinski. MI

Tony Fontana, TX

Phil Graves, FL

Steve Moss, NY

Dave Gilbert, MD

Frank Kelley, VA

Derek Davis, NY

Francis Parchaso, CA

Larry Sullivan, MA

Rob Turner, FL

Scott Wiegel, IL

Mary Wenzel, VA

Jerry Wenzel, VA

Dave Taggart, KS

James Kaspert, CA

Cam Myers, PA

George Sipila, CT

Robert Schaffer, IN 


KiSik Lee - National Head Coach

Ed Eliason - Regional Coach

Steve Cornell - Elite Coach

Jim White - Elite Coach

Dee Falks - Elite Coach

Dr. Hyoung Lee

John Crawley - USOC Sport Performance

Cristina Fink - USOC Sport Psychology Network

Sheri Rhodes - USAA Coach Development Manager

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