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April 17, 2009

USA Archery Hiring JOAD Coordinator

USA Archery is looking to hire a contractor to fill a part-time JOAD Coordinator role. This position would be contracted for approximately 20 hours per week.  Ideally this position would be filled by a person that is familiar with the JOAD program and is motivated to help grow the program by providing the energy, enthusiasm, determination, oversight and attention to detail that will make JOAD a competently managed program. It is USA Archery's hope that this position grows into a full time JOAD coordinator position as funds increase.

JOAD Coordinator


  • Administrative skills (MS Office Suite)
  • Comfortable with web and online applications
  • Experience organizing volunteers
  • Experience working with parents
  • Education (curriculum) training
  • Program design and implementation experience
  • Individual and group communication skills
  • Ability to solicit input and encourage collaboration
  • Archery knowledge
  • Availability for national travel.
  • Self Starter


  • Work with USAA staff and contractors to develop of a year around curriculum that presents a simple, canned approach to starting and running a JOAD club
  • Work with USAA staff and contractors to develop promotional material for JOAD programs
  • Ensure that instruction, coaching and club leadership training is available and accessible to JOAD leaders
  • Work with USAA staff and contractors to modernize JOAD to be competitive with other youth sports
  • Field and initiate communication to archers, parents, supporters, businesses and other organizations as to what the JOAD program is and how they can become a part.
  • Support the grant writing and sponsor process to increase funding for JOAD
  • Support USAA staff in providing general JOAD club customer service
  • Coordinate JOAD camps
  • Coordinate distribution of promotion material and provide general support to JOAD tournaments
  • Facilitate communications between JOAD leaders, including the JOAD committee and USA Archery staff (promotional materials, newsletters, website, articles for USA Archery)
  • Attend promotional events and/or venues to promote the JOAD program
  • Perform outreach seminars to encourage transition from NASP and ASAP to JOAD
  • Oversee budget and management of any grants JOAD receives.

Please submit your resume or proposal by May 15th to:

Denise Parker, CEO USA Archery

[email protected] fax: 480-247-5716

If you have any questions, please contact Denise at 801-737-1917


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