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July 28, 2016

USA Archery Congratulates Olympian Award Winners

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - USA Archery is proud to honor the archers who have earned the highest achievement awards in the past few months. The Achievement program is designed to motivate and challenge archers to develop their archery skills through different scoring levels at their own pace.

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), Collegiate Archery Program and Adult Archery Program archers can earn advanced levels of recognition with Olympian awards and Bronze, Silver and Gold pins that signify high levels of achievement through continued hard work and dedication to the sport of archery. Archers can earn Achievement Award pins at USA Archery Sanctioned Events or their local club pin shoots.

In addition to earning his Silver Olympian pin this past quarter, 12 year old Waylon Hjerpe also won the Grand National Champion award at the Easton JOAD Nationals. "It was great to receive my second Grand National Champion award this year," commented Waylon. "Outdoor Nationals is one of my favorite tournaments.  I am very proud of the Bronze and Silver Olympian awards I earned this year as well and I can't wait to start working on earning the Gold during the indoor season.  I wear my JOAD pins on my quiver but the Olympian pins I keep on my desk in my room."

Waylon says he practices by shooting about 500 arrows per week and working regularly with his coach, Kevin Ikegami.  His advice to other kids looking to earn their Olympian awards is: "Stick with it and practice. It is great that USA Archery does this to promote archery.  This year is my last year as a bowman - I feel like I have accomplished a lot and I am ready to move up to cub."

Congratulations from USA Archery to the following JOAD Olympian award recipients who have earned their awards during the second quarter of 2016:

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JOAD Bronze Olympian

JOAD Silver Olympian

JOAD Gold Olympian

C = Compound   R = Recurve   B= Barebow

Daniel Urban- C

Daniel Urban- C

Geun Woo Kim- R

Leila Kim- R

Waylon Hjerpe- R

Austin Marshall- C

Wyatt Gray- C

Derek Ballengee- C

Austin Phillips- C

Derek Ballengee- C

Trenton Cowles- R

Malcolm Bourgeois - C

Steven Levra Jr.- C

Anne Falk - C

Jackson Rhodes - C

Dylan Roe- R

Glen Falk - C

Anna Herbert - C

Kristed Sanford- C

Mark Schlaudraff - B

Glen Falk - C

Jack Stevens- R

Cole Zeug - C

Anne Falk - C

James Mateer- C

Glen Falk - C

Mark Schlaudraff - B

Glen Falk- C

Anne Falk - C

Geoffrey Allen - B

Isaac Sullivan- C

Anna Herbert - C


Anna Gunderson - C

Mark Schlaudraff - B


Allison Warren - C

Kali Pavlik - C


Bethany Hinman - R

Geoffrey Allen - B


Cameron Allem - R

Thomas Wade - C


Adam Valera - R

Sophia Howard - C


Mark Schlaudraff - B

Dana Janiec - C


Brendan Newberg - C

Zane Stull - C


Conner Dailey - C

Sawyer Sullivan - C


Haley Petersheim - R



Madison Schlief - C



Dylan Oblander - R



Lily Lucero - R



Glen Falk - C



Julie Ann Boyce - R



Jamie Vaccaro - R



Josh Podgorski - R