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July 29, 2016

USA Archery Introduces New JOAD Olympian Awards and Updates to Scoring Matrices

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - USA Archery is pleased to announce updates and improvements to the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Achievement Award Program. The Achievement Award Program provides archers the opportunity to earn awards for their scoring achievements. Earning awards becomes progressively more challenging as the archer's skill level increases.

It is a priority to USA Archery staff and the JOAD Committee to continually evaluate the program to ensure the program remains fair and challenging. USA Archery has added the 122cm target face option back into the JOAD Outdoor Compound scoring matrix for the Green to Blue pin for club leader convenience and flexibility and to permit club leaders to accommodate developmental archers.

Additionally, a 30m 122cm option has been added to the JOAD Outdoor Recurve Division for the Black through the Gold pin to allow Bowman archers to earn pins at USA Archery National Events.

Click to view the updated JOAD Indoor and JOAD Outdoor scoring matrices. Click to view the current Adult Indoor and Outdoor matrices.

Archers have the opportunity to earn USA Archery recognition for the Bronze, Silver and Gold pins, which require exceptional scoring achievements. In addition to receiving a letter from USA Archery CEO- Denise Parker, certificate of achievement and Bronze, Silver or Gold pin, archers who earn scores at the Olympian Award levels will also receive USA Archery JOAD Olympian Award merchandise.

USA Archery is also excited to present the newest Olympian Award merchandise items. Bronze Olympians will now earn a red JOAD Olympian Award backpack while Silver Olympians will earn a navy blue JOAD Olympian Award performance jacket and Gold Olympians will receive a gold JOAD Olympian Award quiver buckle in recognition of their achievements.

Club leaders must request these awards from USA Archery on behalf of their archers by submitting the JOAD Olympian Achievement Award request form along with a signed, legible copy of their scorecard.

Archers shooting for these awards must be current members of USA Archery (excluding Recreational and Temporary) and be a part of a registered USA Archery JOAD, Adult or Collegiate Club. Current Level 2 or higher USA Archery instructors may start their own club for their archers to be eligible to participate in the Achievement Award Program.

For any questions or more information, please contact Program Manager Lorin Fiehler at [email protected]

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