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October 30, 2017

USA Archery Board of Directors Election is Underway

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - 2017 is a Board of Directors election year for USA Archery. Earlier this summer, USA Archery announced that the Coach and Grassroots (non-JOAD) Director seats were open for election and solicited nominations.

The USA Archery Nominating and Governance Committee completed the 2017 USA Archery Board of Directors tentative candidate selection process, authorized candidates' background checks, collected candidate statements and reviewed ballot preparation. The ballots and voting instructions were sent to all eligible USA Archery members and clubs that are on file.

The election is currently running and members in eligible voting categories have until 5pm MT on Tuesday, November 14th to cast their ballots via the Election America electronic voting service.

Section 5.2(c) of the USA Archery bylaws states that: "An individual may belong to more than one membership category. However, an individual is only eligible to vote in one membership category. Any individual who is a member of more than one membership category shall designate the membership category in which he or she shall vote. Notwithstanding these restrictions on voting, membership in USA Archery is open to individuals who are less than eighteen years of age and to individuals who are not citizens of the United States. An individual shall be a member of USA Archery sixty days prior to the date of the election or membership vote (record date) in order to be eligible to vote in such election or membership vote." Pursuant to Section 5.2(c), membership rolls were frozen as of September 15th, and voting membership status for the Coach and Grassroots (non-JOAD) Director positions was locked as of that date. 

Three candidates were nominated for election in each of the eligible categories, including both incumbents. To view the resumes and candidate statements for each of the candidates, click the links below.

Coach Director

Grassroots (non-JOAD) Director

It is important for all eligible members to participate in this process. The Nominating and Governance Committee volunteered their time in reviewing the candidates and providing the necessary steps in the election.

"The USA Archery Board of Directors election is vital to the direction of the organization," said interim CEO Rod Menzer. "The election process enables members to have a voice and input on USA Archery and all eligible members should exercise this right."

Please contact USA Archery Office Manager Cindy Clark with any questions about the process. She can be contacted at (719) 866-4721 or [email protected].


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